Rocket 3F 1.6


Always a free version :slight_smile: (Left Bottom Page)


In-line Youtube vids do not play on CGTalk anymore, at least on any of my computers. Just so you know.


You mean like this :D?



I clicked the link for the free version and installed it, but it asks for registration. I asked about this on the forum a few days ago but have not gotten a reply.
Is this normal for the free version? How do I get past the registration screen?


Yes you must renew “register” each month for use the free version of Rocket 3D! :wink:
But absolutly nothing to pay! :slight_smile: (and it’s just 10 seconds to make one time by month…not a big deal :wink:


Site seems down ATM…
(Precisely why I hate registering free to use software… Never know when one day it will just never work again.)


That’s precisely what I meant.


Seems the classical youtube address is better! :wink: (i can’t edit the first post :frowning:


lol yeah, it seems in the last update of cgtalk they switched it back, glad there is a resolution!


Site is back up, and I was able to register the program. It looks to be a permanent license for the free version. Hope to try it out soon.