Rock Of The Marne, Rick Stefani (3D)


Title: Rock Of The Marne
Name: Rick Stefani
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max

They were created with Max 6 and photoshop. The walking tanks are based on an idea of what the Third Infantry Division (mechanized) will look like in the future. The nickname of the 3rd ID is the Rock of the Marne and so that is the name of the images. The background is a combination of 3D and a photo I took on an off-road trail a year ago and photoshop painted sky. It is looking down from Crown King in Arizona.


Somehow i just love the composition. I guess its because of the nice coloruse. Mixage between picture and cg is autstanding. I like the models and the tower in the back. Great work!!


Amazing work, I just love it…5 stars from me! :thumbsup:


It is ok and 4 stars from me . but dont u think the texturing is simple yet ?
anyway ur image is nice and I like it . specify your modeling .
good luck :thumbsup:


Now thats great!


wybl, vegass, Ramtin_moom, Elekko, Thanks for all your kind words and for the stars. Ramtin_moom, the textures are simple but they look a bit deferent at high res. I used a picture of a Bradley for reference on the model and the paint of a military vichle does tend to be flat and covered with dust from patrol the tend to loose detail. There are scratchs on all the edges or corners. Th background ground is the photo. The sky is painted and all the buildings are 3d as well as the mechs. The grass in the foreground and dirt is painted in photoshop.


The mech in the fore ground looks a little heavy for the legs. One of the weak points of a mech. A track would be the same thing on a tank. Great composition though. One thing I think that is missing sometimes is the story or depth of the image. Leaving one mech partly hidden is a great idea. You don’t know why it’s hidden it could be following or could be checking six or something else. This draws the viewer into the image. So many times you are so proud of the model you don’t want to hide any of it but that sometimes leads to the image looking like a “model”

Still a great image. I love mechs. No fear…



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