Rock Golem


Hey everybody!

I’m currently a student at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand, in the second year of the Bachelor of Art & Design (3D and VFX). This is a character I’ve working a few days here and there on during the christmas holiday and I was hoping to hear your thoughts on it.

I drew the Golem for fun a while back and I thought it could be a great opportunity to improve my skills in Zbrush, but also to do a bit of retopologizing, mapping, texturing, shading, lighting, rigging, animation, dynamics, rendering and compositing. Basically make sure I don’t go extinct before the third and last year of the course.

I rendered this WIP and composited it with a background and several layers of smoke, dust and sparks. As of right now it’s also rigged and animated with two short camera shots of him breathing and in the end he senses the presence of the “audience” and roars into the camera.
I’ve created an environment as well and I’m currently in the process of trying to render everything out, after that hopefully moving on to dynamics and finally compositing.

I hope you like it and please tell me what you think could be improved.


How big is it meant to be? With the size of your rock texture, it looks to me like its the size of a human. If your aiming to make this huge, you may want to tile your rock texture a few times, or add some small details on the surface to help increase the sense of scale.

Are you aiming to place this in a full on scene, or just have a nice background to show off the character?

Did you model the whole thing, or only torso up?

I really like the lava face, but I think the bright lava lines on the body distract from that. Maybe you can leave the face as white hot, but tone down the body lava to a dark red? Maybe the lava near the torso could be hotter, while the lava in the arms and legs is cooler?


He’s little over two meters so roughly the size of a human, as for the environment I’ve made a cave with a door in the background, but the plan is to cover most of that with smoke and dust. The first camera shot is pushing in on the scene showing the whole body and the layout of the scene, the second is panning around his face (similar to the render) and at the end he roars into the camera.

Good idea about the “heat” of the body, it is rather distracting from the face, I’ll darken the texture of the body.
Thanks alot for the feedback!


the fireparticle should be smaller if you want a size accurate with your giant



Thank you for the feedback! Here is the final result. Might still redo the heat haze and tweak the sound.


Nice job. Looking for more.


Congrats Man! i liked it!
how many hours total for this ?


Cheers! Glad you like it.

Hard to tell how long this has taken me since I’ve been working on it a couple of hours at a time in between schoolwork, but at least a few weeks.


It looks great, Martin. I enjoyed the animation. :slight_smile:


Thanks man! :thumbsup: