Roca's Drawcember


Oh my Gosh, I was picturing a bonsai type tree with lots of chickens, eggs and bunnies hehe :p. We do something similar here with the branches, where we tape colored feathers to them XD.
I like the lynxes . Cute little kittens :slight_smile:


Hi, Roca.

Sorry about that. I’m pinging around, trying to catch up. My work schedule is wierd too.

The napkins were in regards to the owl and needing paper to draw during work breaks. I posted some drawings here on napkins, using whatever was around. Those are at a cafe. But I’ve pulled paper towels from the lunchroom kitchen at work and drawn stuff. Grabbed a magazine and a towel and drew a car from a photo.

So, I mentioned it.

I think those kittens, lynxes, are pretty cool. Lighting on the snowglobe too. The owl does look tired. I like the fact it’s on paper. I’ve been doing that lately, too. There’s something immediate about that. To just grab a pen and make something.

This is my explanation. Carry on.

I’m curious, how did you come up with the lighting for the group of cats? Neat little scenario.


So I just was able again to make a sketch today… best thing was, when my cat thought it was funny to walk over the keyboard and somehow froze the PC.
So the background is more than sketchy… God dammit CAT!
Luckily not much was lost due to my paranoid saving habits ^^". Still, I had to wait until my Pc was up for work again. This little troll sigh.


So sketch for today I am away with friends :slight_smile:


I used a grey background as bade and added lights with white and shadows with black. The reference was a image of a geocaching hiding, the Fotograf sat in an earth cave… unfortunately I cannot find it anymore o.o

But now I know what you meant with the napkins :smiley:
I also use those things out of despair when I do not find anything else. But I try to have some sort of paper and pens always around for a few years. That I couldn’t draw at work was more a matter of the job then nothing to draw on.


Today I had time yeah :smiley:
But to many fish ^^"

I really need a trick that I don’t get a stiff hand when I am working a few hours on a piece.
Does anyone of the more experienced people have a trick for that? :o


Today something smaller :slight_smile:



I love the snow ferrets / weasels :slight_smile: Love the snow in the pine tree. You captured that really well!
Edit (my internet sucks so I didn’t see the fish image): I love that fish image it’s so neat :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As for stiff hand, do windmill circles with your arms, as many as you can, to keep blood moving. Take breaks, flex your fingers and do lots of stretches!!


Thank you so much for your support and reply. I will try this and hope its gonna help.

So today as well only a flat color. Geometry and perspective a really not my strong point. But well one has to either practice it or accept it as a weak point.
I choose to practice though. I am not sure with the design of the house though… could be more interesting somehow…
I hope I am not going to be sick. Feel a little bit like it would be though. Don’t fail me the last two days body!!

flat color.


I like that fish image. Drama and setting.

You could draw one image of the face, cut an paste it to all the fish bodies after you use a warp tool in Photoshop to match up the angle and shape. I forget what the warp tool in Photoshop is exactly, but if you have the face selected, I think a control key or alt key allow you to move the corners of the selection box separately and modify the image (face) inside.

Was that your question?

I think there are some basic principals to perspective that would probably cover you for most things.

Then again, I’m wrestling with it a bit in one of my recent projects.

But the basic list of theories probably isn’t that long.

One thing, the whole floor area, including to the back wall, is below the horizon line. So all angles on the dollhouse point up.

Knowing about the horizon line and what that has to do with the vanishing point would probably start you off.

About all I’ll say about that.

Good luck.


Thank you very much. You are right. I was so into the construction of that house, that I forgot the basic line ^^"


Soooo this for today. It wasn’t my intention but during the drawing I was remembered of Peters Moon Journey. If anyone is familiar with this German Tale of Gerdt von Bassewitz.
As I remember the kids are traveling with the Ursa major to the moon or something like that to retrieve a bugs leg-
It’s a funny tale. well these bears are creating the stars right now :smiley:


I love this one!


I love the little polar bears! Filled with such wonder :slight_smile:


Thank you both very much :smiley:


So the last image :smiley:
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

as and happy holydays have a good new year and enjoy the time with yor families


_ Happy Christmas_``~…


merry christmas to you too :slight_smile: Very nice job on the last image! Congrats on finishing!!


I like that bear. Christmas spirit.

I think that’s worthy of a card. Just sayin’.

And the glow from the candles on the snacks.

That bear’s pretty cool.

All you people here stuck it out. Good work.