Roca's Drawcember


I hadn’t this much time today yeah :smiley:

So I have now just a character (self portrait) of mine in the conceptart Style of FF7.

I really looking forward to this challenge. For tomorrow, I have already a more season fitting motive in mind.

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#drawcember2017 #wacom

The picture of today.
Tomorrow it’s probably only a sketch Sunday is family day


I like your choice of vibrant color :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :smiley:


As I said I had only time for a sketch today… I was almost the whole day away.
Anyway, I wonder who’s cookies she’s eating.


Today’s entry for drawcember’ so far it’s really fun I love cats
This week is late shift gnar -.- so I have to stand up early to make the pictures.
My kittens saw snow the first time yesterday and it was funny to watch. (not those kittens in the picture aren’t mine. Just fictive kittens. I only have two)


TEeehhehee kitties!

The bird gets a little lost in the tree tho. I think it’d be a nice framing device to use that brick wall behind it instead… or just lighten them tree values.


Yeah thank you, this is a good idea :slight_smile:


Today only a quick one again. Two young inbex playing. I worked late yesterday, so I had a hard time to get up today… and only had about half an hour for this one. And up to work again -.-

This is drawn with mypaint. I love the traditional pencils the program already provides and that you can just draw and look afterward how big it got ^^"
Reminds me of the huge waste paper we had on our desk in school to prevent us doodling on the table themselves.


I love seeing kittens in everyones thread haha. The goats are drawn well, it’s always hard to get used to animal anatomy with their weird knees and such but their legs look like they’re bending in all the right places. :slight_smile: Keep it up!


Thank you very much. though I am not sure if the one up front is 100% correct.
His left hind leg seems a little off to me. Still, for half an hour it’s an okay sketch.


Today I only had time to draw a quick sketch in the train on my way home…
The reindeer came out a little fat and the antlers are not correct but I had no reference… Well, maybe I redraw this one when I have time for two pictures at a day.
Sorry for the horrendous quality but I have no money for a scanner or camera and my mobile phone camera sucks…


The picture of today. :smiley: I am looking forward to the weekend then I have some time to check out the other people here :smiley:


Another traditional piece I am driving to my parents this weekend. To celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday.


Nothing wrong with a fat reindeer, I think he looks cute. The painting of those birds is beautiful. Instantly makes me think of looking out a window to see them hopping about. The inks on your latest are really nice. Very confident and clean!


Love the kids and the fat reindeer with the bunny :slight_smile: I really like sketches which illustrate some story, that something is going to happen. Happy Birthday to your dad!


Cats and birds are fantastic!


I love the way the colors work together in the bird painting. And I, too, think fluffy reindeer are the best.


Hello Everyone, thank you so much for your support this helps a lot. Today only a traditional piece since I am in Hessia and not at home.
Drawn with my art supplies fro when I was a child xD I had so much stuff when I was little.TONS of pencils!

I wish everyone best luck with the challenge :smiley:


Well, we traveled home today in the morning but we toooook foreeeever because of the snow. And then I had drawing block. Do you know those days you draw everything icky and no straight line would come out of your hand?

Yeah … grandiose -.- Blech. Regardless. This is what I made. Only a rough flat-colored image. The story though is related to me.
I don’t know, how many countries have a little tree to easter as well. Anyway. My brother and I fell in love with a little chick we used to placed at the easter tree. So much so it became a tradition to placed the “Bibiche” on top of the Christmas tree as well. (Bibiche is like twitting, tiny thing or something like this. It’s a cute way to say chick)
So this is me and my dad, placing the traditional Bibieche on the top of the tree when I was little.
I kinda miss this thing. I have to make one myself I guess. Not sure if it’s still alive…