Robots Presentation, Haddes (3D)


These are amazing! It’s great to see robots made with such a fresh style. However, I see the first robot dancing instead of fighting. He looks like he could be in a Daft Punk video, poppin’ and lockin’.



What impressed me the most is how you did this with a standard renderer. 3 lights and under 7 min… nice job man. I like to hear this kind of stuff, i’m tired of seeing these renders that look good just because they have mental ray, etc.

Is the material phong w/ raytrace? What else did you do to the materials?


Materials, are raytraced, with a very litle specularity , (around 10 ) very high glossiness, . . . and for the diffuse there is a fallof map with two gradients per map. The reflection is also a fallof with a bezier curve applied to the fallof, all the reflection are obtained with no more than 4 bounces , a sphere invisible to the camera is placed around the characters with a map applied to it with it’s output component boosted in RGB level and output so that it gives this very bright effect. Shadows are advanced raytraced with a bit of blur and 4 quality setting (not that much )

finaly a glow is applied on the image. that’s it :smiley:

Well really there is nothing special , the biggest effect is given by the reflection , and it’s the key i think.

:slight_smile: sincerly yours

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thaaaaaaaaaanx for the pics

on my desktop:bounce: :bounce: :thumbsup:


Already crunched hires pics:thumbsup:

I must say you did a great job on post production too. Compared to the raw renders boost min 25 percent up to the final look!:buttrock:

I think I would more concentrate on post effects too:eek:

Keep updating, want to see your anim soon:beer:


next time i should wear a diaper before i view your stuff


Really impressive!!!

About those blurry reflections. You said that you did some tricks with reflections. Do you have somekind of hidden reflection environments that are blurred or how are those beautiful reflections done. Can’t get any other idea.

I agree that it’s so nice to see basic scanline renderings. Not allways those grey lighting situation test’s made with Brazil or what ever…

Amazing rendering time/quality!!!


AiSh!!! GOOD! NICE!!! coOL rEfLEcTioNs! :drool:


thanx Larson !

yep there is a sphere not visible to cam wich creates the reflection. I’ve applied a map that’s ive done wich is blurred and boosted to bright up everything !


hey it’s time for me to go back home so i’ll catch u all back tomorwo !!

ciao ciao

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Ok. I was late again.

Thanks for explaining your material and reflection setup. Have been playing a lot with those kind of situations, but you are still doing it much better. Is there any way to have sample material from your scene? Or are they really so simple as you told?

Inspired of raytracing again…thanks!


awesome… i love the lights


Amazing work.

I actually think I like the wireframe the best, It looks so damn cool with orange glow in the hands.



yeah! the wirefrime realy rules

how did you get this yellow glow to the fingers.
ist it photoshop or a max thing

please tell us how u did it


…Beautiful stuff, man. All aspects are solid.





Nice work! thumbsup:

I like the first and last images the most.
Too much blur IMO. The blurry effect is very nice, but I think you have abused it a little :slight_smile:
The model is very good, but with a lot of resemblance to furi-kuri. I like the color setting very much. You have sense :smiley:



wow, great stuff, but what’s the polyycount of those robots?


holy heck this is awesome work :eek:

Can’t wait too see the animations :bounce:

PS>> wicked renders :thumbsup:


I just saw this thread. Very very butiffull work!!! One of the best renderings on the web!

Nice still, I love the red one!


Originally posted by HaDDeS
…no HDRI, no GI, just all good raytrace and some tricks for reflections…


someone I now really respect for this pieces,
great work !
I never come close to that quality even with using GI.


Really good job, but you definately in the future (and when you put it on your reel/whatever) need to put where you got the character concept from. I mean, yes, it is obvious, but you shouldn’t even imply that it’s your own idea, because it’s not. heh. Regardless though, good job.