Robots Presentation, Haddes (3D)


:drool: thats just great. your skills are amazing

i rendered the pics orginaly in 1600*1200 and it takes around 7 mins a frame

what hardware do you use?


hey for those who wanted, here are some more pics (more clear lol ) to see the models , they’re taken from the animation !

– Haddes –


Omg That Looks really amazing I really love it This is my first post here so let’s make it a good one very nice work man perhaps you can lend me a model like that i would really want your model so i can make some sweet animations with it plz contact me or some else with high poly model on it also my msn adress and my icq is 120027646


Excellent work !!!
Cool materials and shaders.
Amazing lights in render.


that’s some really good stuff



man,these are cool!:applause: :thumbsup:


no guitars in the robot fight?


LOL nope no guitar fight yet ! :slight_smile: but the tool is ready don’t worry ! lol lol

– HaDDeS –


Nice models/render Haddes, how about some info on your lighting set-up? :thumbsup:
SimeX… lend you the models? lol that’s a good 1:shame:


Simply WOW! I know how much folks like to see the little details on how one gets the final pic so thanks. But, the opening thread pics are amazing - I really love the effect you have done to them and would love to see the finished reel.

Is this a CG take on Rock’em - Sock’em Robots ?


great work
specially on the materials and rendering time
i think 7 minutes per frame with this quality and size is awesome
how did you get that…!!!


well hot damn, that wireframe is a peice of artwork in itself. they all look amazing

-Tom N.


, :slight_smile: thanx everybody for you support !!! i’ll really try to do my best to make the anime as good as the pics !


so far, for those who may want to know, there is nothing more than 3 lights in the scene for the first robot (the screen one ) one spot just right up him , and two omnis , all with fallof on . . .all the rest is reflection :smiley:

– HaDDeS –


There is some EYE CANDY. :buttrock:

Great work!!!:buttrock:


This looks amazing :smiley: :applause: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

greetings cabal


You’ve done some incredible work with the lighting and the reflections in the surface. That’s damn near movie quality if not better. Incredible, especially since your render times are so well controlled. Very, very nice work. I think it’s time you did some lighting and surfacing tutorials.


Those renders of your robo pets are masterpieces:applause:

You shloud really link to HI RES versions for interested (actually everybody:) )

No one shloud blame max scanline renderer from now…

By the way could you enlight your techniques for this kind of output? Superb output of course:D


can’t wait to see the animation :drool:


oki everyone, !! lol you want the high rez pics , here they are !!!

go there and u’ll find the high rez pics unblurred, unglowed lol

but be aware, they are 1600*1200 . . . :smiley:


I L.O.V.E. !T !!! It is a beauty!

I’d like to know with what did you make the fists images a little blurry and glowy?

maybe some dont like it, but I do!

Great Job!

ps: this Is my first post, to tell you my impression of it :stuck_out_tongue: