Robots Presentation, Haddes (3D)


Great work dude… someone posted it about 40 pages ago but ya its totally movie quality. If someone could post the SAMPLE.ZIP file i’d really like to take a look at that.


Great work! Pulling it off nicely w/o GI or HDRI, bravo.

I believe Epoly refers to “Editable Poly”

Cheers :beer:


Yoou Rock!:buttrock:


simply awesome


i just want to see a guitar!! :thumbsup:


Man, that is soooo amazing
Good job!!


it is so cool!


Too awsome for words! :eek: This is really the greatest 3D stuff I saw today :wink: :slight_smile: Great style… Material reminds me of terminator :rolleyes:


bloody amazing!


very nice :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good Job!!!


wow, impressive man !


wow, i love those characters :thumbsup:

Does someone still has the sample scene?
If yes then please send me a pm and I’ll send you my mail adress.



Absolutely greatttttt:thumbsup:


Its great when robots and skeletons connected in one model - cryful and splendid:thumbsup:


wowit is amazing


these are really really awesome… I like their photorealistic quality and that’s what makes these images. the wire frame astounds me man. How did you just not eat up your machine with that?

Fantastic job.

silent samurai


oh my good :eek: :eek: :eek:

you are my god master :bowdown: :bowdown:


Hey! i love your canti designs! do you have a ccount in Deviantart?




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