Robots Presentation, Haddes (3D)


Hellooo Everybody ! (special hello to Lildragon ! :stuck_out_tongue: )

here are new shots from my reel ! feel free to give me your opinion ! if any of you are intrested in getting higher rez pics,i just have to upload them if u want !!!

for the technic, everything as been done in max, no HDRI, no GI, just all good raytrace and some tricks for reflections… :stuck_out_tongue:

in some days the first animation shots will be ready !!!

Have a good time everybody

– HaDDeS –


hello back ! :slight_smile:

for those who may be intrested, here is a wire frame of the mane robot :smiley:


I like it :beer:


Hey thanks a lot GeneralChaos !! :smiley:


Son of a gun! you out did yourself this time bud :thumbsup: what a way to come back to the forum! I hope this time you stay for awhile longer :wink: And like I told you b4 you never cease to amaze me with your technical prowess with your ligthing skills. Nice job man. [plugged]

How long was the render time? And when do we see the animation with the same quality? :wink:



Very nice. :thumbsup:

Just a bit too dark to see some details.


Hello back !!! thxxx a lot guys !!!

and Tito , i rendered the pics orginaly in 1600*1200 and it takes around 7 mins a frame (not that bad i think )

and yes i hope the final animation will be the same quality !

AND YES YES YES ill try to rest a bit more than usual LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

talk to you soon !

and thanx again everybody for your support.

– HaDDeS –


excelent moddels,

quite nice positions they are in nd lighting although you don’t c much detail… ,plz post a front view normal renderd… That would be cool…:cool:
The first pic really looks like the FLCL( Furi Kuri) Robot…
Is it him, or just seems to look like him.

really dig them:thumbsup:


is the first robo inspired by the furikuri-anime? looks kind like the robot there…
i like the robos, but the lightning is a little bit confusing, you can’t really see the details, it’s to blurred in my opinion.

eager to see the animation!


Thanxxx again everybody ! :smiley:

so for the crits now, well yes everything is a bit dark, blurred, saturated, but it’s the way i like things to be LOL so sorry for those who find it confusing ! :stuck_out_tongue:

the final animation will be a bit more “clear” and understandable !

for the character, yep the main one is inspired from CANTi of the FLCL anime , but appart the head wich is also reworked everything is original :slight_smile:

– HaDDeS –


Great work,
especially the fact, that´s all been done with the standart scanline renderer.

But I miss something in the background, it´s too clean.


amazing work!


ahh~ Canti-sama suteki! :bounce:


oh, very very nice :bounce:

but, its to much on the wire right now with the 2-sided wire + meshsmooth. so its quite hard to se how u cuted the edges :slight_smile:

so, do u think we could se a wire without the meshsmooth? :slight_smile:

btw, did u use epoly?



wowww :slight_smile: i never expected so good feedback ! thaaaannnks a lot !

so for the wire ! yep i can try to post a low rez version of the bot, but note that some part have already been frozen at high level subd so . . . and what do you mean by “epoly” ? :slight_smile:


Amazing work! :drool:
I especially like the first one.

Anyways, I know you said the blurred look is your style, but humour us… We really want to see it more clearly… At least I know I do.

Great work!!!
Do you have a website or somewhere where I can see your previous work?


hello zzzrbyte ! :slight_smile: i’ll try to post a more clear view soon ! i promise i’ll

for other peaces of my work huuuuuh ,(still dont have a website lol shame on me, but i’ll try to give an adress to acess some of my previous work )

– HaDDeS –


Holy Freakin Crap!!!

You’ll have to excuse me I’m a noob but jeez thats crazy

I’m really likin them :slight_smile:


hey HaDDeS!!!

love 'em. what more can i say

:applause: :thumbsup: :applause: :thumbsup:

can’t wait to see the animation


Great work- what are they modelled in?