Robots, Mihail Popov (3D)


Title: Robots
Name: Mihail Popov
Country: Bulgaria

I did that picture, on poster on music video that I recently done. The entire image is made with an one layer render. The original resolution of the render is 2025x3000px.


That’s very good! great lighting and very intricate models. I’m liking it a lot!


Nice render and and good atmosphere


Looks great, nice camera angle. Is that a junk yard they’re standing in?


Yes, the arena where the robots are stand, in fact is a graveyard for cars. :slight_smile: Literally, there are a thousands jammed and agglomerates cars on the edges of the arena. The funny is, that today’s top models cars, like Mercedes McLaren SLR, Chevrolet Camaro, Audi Q7 or rest, will be junks in the future. :slight_smile:



Great rendering :thumbsup:


Great modeling and render, just the robot could be better proportioned, but i guess that is allready a design issue.


More detail:


great modelling!! great render!!


:love: :wink:


Great image! Very nice lighting and compositing. I forgot to mention the lovely details and texturing :slight_smile:

За коя песен става въпрос?


looks very good :slight_smile:


Thanks you for the good words. I’m happy to see that the people like him.

So… the scene and the robots, are made in 3ds max, rendered with V-Ray, final compositing and color correction done in Fusion. This is a blend between pure render and final image:


nice detailing and great rendering.
very good work.
well done.


nice work!


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