Robots: Flying Machine, Oleg (3D)


My new model. 11 000 details, 1 200 000 polygons approximately, 4 months of work. Created using 3DS MAX standard modeling tools.

Large images are available:

and a black/white picture:


absolutely crazy detail. love the tones and the whole feeling to the image.


Îëåã, Ìóõà ïðîñòî îôèãåííàÿ!!!


Mmmmm!! thats certainly alot of detail!!! great modeling, but the lighting seems a little washed out on the color version.


My oh my…:eek: i got sshock to see the suspensions, gears, and hey!! i see a fuel injection system in there!! :stuck_out_tongue:

good detail. How long did you take to finish up the whole model inclusive of texturing? :drool:


awesome mechanics, I’m not keen on the colour one, but that’s just because I don’t like that minty green colour, the B&W one is very well done :thumbsup: you must be incredibly patient


Very cool :thumbsup:
Can you do some close-ups please?


Wow, nice details! :applause: what’s the polycount on the model? :smiley:

[edit: uhh, opps, nevermind! I missed reading your construction details because I went straight for the links, and then forgot to check back… I’m tired :p]


wow, nice attention to detail.


I don’t want to even fathom how you could design something so intricate. Nice work… looks like a lot of dedication went into this piece.

How long did it take to render?


My latest animated short


Thats crazy whack man, thats straight up bitch ass quality work. you got the 9 O on that 311? and dont forget to choke the chicken on that piccy, otherwise your results will be mad weak…


Wow! Intense detail man. Very good stuff


Have you looked at grasshoppers up close? I imagine you have, judging by the pic. They really are such intricate, delicate, robotic creatures. Like every insect, a tiny marvel of evolution. Its so nice I just wanna squish it.



Nice modeling, but I think that you could add different shades of green to your bot to make it less uniform… good work


nice, very nice!

like the detail level on that one


why isnt this on the front page yet ?

amazing work


Amazing. As all people say, the attention to detail is awesome! I love the insect desing too.

Congrats!! GREAT WORK!


WOW! WOW! WOW!..I am shocked with the detail man! very full attention to the work and this work is a very good example to any artists that want to go far in this line…

All the best and keep up the good job !..wish to be like you hehehe…


incredible work :eek: