robots and spaceships...WARNING!!! heavy load!!!


Here are some more robots and spaceships from Eschaton Online game. I’m on my 173 sketches now…I don’t know how much longer before my creativity runs dry.


:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
Robots!!!:drool: :drool:
gorgeous sketches!


i don’t think there’s anything you can’t draw. those people at eschaton are lucky to have you. :wink:


hey, these look great!
there’s some really cool design work in there, and great marker work as well. :thumbsup:




Whoa! :bounce:

Great stuff! SO NICE! Is it done digitally or traditionally (or maybe a mix of both)?

I like the way you have just suggested the parts in the background and in the foreground the opposite parts are complete with outline and all… It reminds me a little of the concept art for the latest Star Wars films, allthough it’s different, in a good way! :slight_smile:


nice space ships dude. All looks good.


wonderful sketches :drool:


these pics are awesome…

You don’t have some pics of the different stages of a model, do you?

the 4legged robot reminds me on some work of the great Juan Gimenez, but nevertheless it’s still very original…

thanks for sharing with us.


You say you have 137 of these??? I know it’s a lot but do you think you could post them somewhere on a website? I would love to see the rest. If you don’t have the space I’d be glad to host them on mine.


:eek: HOW???

first of all the designs are so awesome and complicated.
even if i can think of such a design…how do i draw it on paper…just like i have it on mind…

those designs and drawings are KILLER!…
i wish i can draw like that someday


simply amazing i may end up modeling some of these!


Yeah… 173 sketches isn’t very many ( :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding)

Those are incredible - we need to see more! :beer:


holy crap dude…I officially retire…i’ll never have half that much ability…
great work…
are they digital at all?


Those are amazing man …wow !!! If your creativity runs dry I suggest doing what doug change does and just convert real life objects into designs , like for example he talks about how he sees a cup or a light fixture and changes it around in his mind to make something new !

The only thing I would suggest is using a diffrent kind of paper for your work , I can see that your lines are bleeding giving your line work this odd look of strang weighted lines , other then that it rocks :airguitar

Your work reminds me a lot of TJ Frame , but that a good thing


oooOOOOoooo! Check out the stuff on his site too!

(He’s got more sketches like these under the “traditional” section). All very nice stuff! :thumbsup:


i like it


I’m glad everyone like them :slight_smile: As some of you pointed out, they’re a bit generic but after doing 173 designs, I’m bound to get lucky sooner or later :smiley: I also have lots of “unfunctional” designs but fortunately I don’t have to deal with the mechanics because the 3D modeler can deal with it…poor bastard…hehehe. Anyway, thanks for the overwhelming replies and I’ll keep everyone posted on more Eschaton concepts.


man, how can you come up with 173 designs… and still look that great… you’re freakin me out man!!! :D:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I have found my idol…

Simply amazing, this is why I wish for that ability such as yours everynight!!!

I can’t even think that great of stuff, man!!!

I may have to kill you now, I feel so…inadequate…