Robotox, Melak (3D)


Title: Robotox
Name: Melak
Country: Hungary
Software: Lightwave 8.0 , Photoshop

This robot is my latest work, was made for a short animation. It is ready for animating, and is waiting for only moving.
I’m eager for your opinion.


Very good concept. I like it. Good job on the texturing. I’d like to see the future animation.


i dont see a image ? :frowning:


Sorry, I’m trying to link the picture now.


Incredible detail. Looks a lot like the mechs in The Matrix: Revolutions (or is that what you were going for?). I would reduce the bump map for the shoulder pad and torso plate areas, as it looks a bit dirty becuase of it.


i would love to animate it!..
do those ammo lines have spline IKs in the them?


Yes, and I would like to make a battle scene. The shoulder and the torso were ment to be dirty. :arteest:


You don’t have to wait for a long time for the animated version, it is coming soon…
I don’t use IK rather cloth simulation. :slight_smile:


Good amount of detials, how long have you spend on it until now?
may we see a close up of a area?


To make the robot model, the texturing, the preparing for animation, and writting expressions altogether took some 130 hours.
I’ve made a walk anim, you can watch it here:
DivX 5.01 1Mb

It’s still under developing. But I hope you like it :blush:


wow, incredible!
and that animation!


very complex model… congratulations…


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