-robotic-, Dareoner (3D)


hi, sorry for my english

image create with 3dsmax (mental ray)

making of : http://www.dareoner.com/ZAZIE.htm



great job

the last picture is striking, the pose is alarming


stunning pictures! great work and unbelivable love to details.
a pleasure to watch them.
at least a question comes into my mind… how you’ll animat these beasts? especailly the first/last?


Wow! Thats some heavy detail going on! Love the models, excellent work!


Holy! That’s some great work! I’d love to see some higher res pics. I think this is frontpage material.



really impressive detail…

my only gripe (sorry) is that the feet seem too small…

other than that great work… :slight_smile:


damn good stuff !! …wow


Wow, 5 stars. Great work.


wow nice work! very detailed. great job :thumbsup:


Very impressive - I like this piece a lot! :applause:


Cool models, I’ve loved this and related styles since seeing that Bjork video. :buttrock:

About the feet being too small, is this character maybe a cybernetic skeleton without skin? If so, this may explain the apparent smallness of feet. :shrug:


Great picture… say the 2nd one is that the robot’s skin?:love:


:beer: NICE!!!



:airguitar :buttrock: :airguitar :buttrock:


Freaky! The last one is simply brilliant! Are you goint to add some explicit textures as well, or keep it clean like it is?



indeed a very talented work. :beer:


damn your the technicall master!!..damn… what sort of modelling did you use… ?


Increadible. So much detail. Everything looks so functional. I luv the shapes you represent the rib cage area with.


Excellent excellent work. When I see art as good as this it always shows me how much I have to learn.

Thats two good robotic/cyborg front pagers in one day it almost made me give up on mine :hmm:

Only crit I can give is that the joint on the arm is going into itself. Perhaps add some joint restrictions so it doesn’t happen? anyway you hardly notice it amongst all the detail anyway hehe.

Did you re-use bits that much?

Once again beautiful :buttrock: