Robot, Thomas Egger (3D)


Title: Robot
Name: Thomas Egger
Country: Switzerland
Software: 3ds max, finalRender

A Robot I created a few years back and reviewed it recently to create a smoother and more cartoonish look. I removed all bolts and screws as well as some hydraulic features that didnt fit that well with the overall design.
I tried to give the character some emotional expression by pose only, since the character design doesnt really allow facial expressions.


I like him. Poor robot…


V ery nice looking! I like the composite material, plastic look. Looks mod.


woah! what a nice design and textures! very carismatic! 5*s here!


thank you all for your feedback :slight_smile:


Amazing, great job.


Really good job…Modelling is really good…:slight_smile:


Beautiful design and you give him great emotional pose.
Good job !



Nice scene, I like the robot design a lot. I think you expressed the robot’s emotions very well. He looks a bit sad looking on the leaf. By the way, the leaf looks like made of plastic. Was it intentional ?


thanks for your feedback everyone.
as for the leaf: i had a certain tropic plant in mind (botanics isnt really my field, so i dont know the name) with leafs that have quite a plastic look, so it’s semi-intentional, i’d say… maybe i went a touch too far with the reflections.


I really like the design of the robot - very cool! An the pose adds a really wonderful introspective quality to the overall piece. For such a straight forward scene there is a great deal of emotion felt here.

Great job!


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