Robot Party [birthday], Imphead (2D)


Hey all, figured I might as well join the fray here… but enough about me, on to the images

These are all from a series of images I’m spending my free time noodling around with. Apologies to those who’ve seen them before…

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hey m8, i like your images. Nice atmosphere created and the characters are very stylish. Are they related to any story or something? Or did they just pop out of your brain at once?

And what programs did u use?

Kind Regards


Amazing! Those are the most unique and strange things I’ve seen on here… absolutely love it.


that’s great images.
when i saw it on front page i thought it’s 3D.
are you a 2D aritist? or r u going to make 3D version of it.
good job on the mood of each characters.

ji.:applause: :applause:

ps i’m just curious… what kind of tool did u use it?


Nice images. Reminds me of the movie Iron Giant.


Wow, really nice job !
I love those old pieces of kitchen equipment experiencing human feelings. :drool:


This was already stated, but it reminds me of the iron giant too.


great work!
Love the style!


A lot of your paintings have a number somewhere in the image, 29, 68, 12, 9, etc. Was that a conscious decision or am I looking into it too much?

And I love the fishes, who knew, fish and robots:thumbsup:


Very nice images.
Fantastic work.


WOW!!! that’s beautiful work!!! love them!!! :applause:


That last one is absolutly amazing. I love them all actually :smiley: keep up the work


MAN!! That is NICE!! those wings…beautiful. Haha, talk about your BlenderHeads, hehehe.


nice drawing style. reminds me of someones. and interesting robitic characters you have there, what is there story? and whats with the dead fishes?


Thanks all! The response has been quite amazing… And thanks to the cgtalk mods more putting my stuff up on the front page. (And next to my good friend Joel no less!)

And in regards to all the questions…

I use Painter 7 for all my illustration… Okay, for MOST of my illustration. I do use Photoshop for doing things like color editing and if some bit needs to be enlarged or whatever only because Painter’s editing tools suck the big one compared to Photoshop, but for everything else I use Painter 7.

I do create and texture elaborate models for my job, (video game developer) but at my heart I’m an illustrator, so when I go home it’s all 2D for me.

All these images here are in fact supposed to be related in a weird sort of way. They are for an ongoing project that I work on in my spare time, what little I have. Most of the time I’ll get a flash of inspiration triggered by a picture, or an object I see, (Like a telephone pole or a brick wall, stuff like that.) or sometimes by a song or even something someone says. Then I’ll do a really quick sketch or three on a piece of paper, envelope or whatever is handy, then I’ll take the best composition, scan it in and paint from there. I don’t do a lot of prep work, (fine drawing and the like.) both because I get really bored and because I like to let the image grow and develop as I render it out.

The numbers are in these three related as all the images for this particular project are going to be numbered, however number in general I find are a great visual hook to get people to think about my paintings. I’ve long been of the idea that art is really, at it’s core, a connection between an artist and viewer and the more a viewer takes an active role in their end of the connection, (e.g. trying to figure out what the numbers are all about, coming up with an interpretation of the “story”.) the stronger a connection is made. I use number specifically because they are such a HUGE part of our life, and span many different cultures, yet are innocuous enough that they tend to fall into the background and only tickle our subconcious. Next time you feel the need to add a little intrigue and mystery to a piece, throw a number in. Fishes work masterfully as well :wink:

And lastly, “The Iron Giant” is one of my all time favorites. Robots in my world are ALL ray-gun retro.

Thanks again all.



I really like this. It reminds me somehow on “All my circuits” -



what is that robot doing to his nipples?

Terrific style tho :wink:



Good way to put it “My world” becaus it is. I think you have your own little thing going here and I definitely don’t want you to stop. Are you into Dali by any chance. For some reason I get that vibe. Thats what your work reminds me of. Great Stuff :slight_smile:


amazing concept, and well textured ,great piece ,i like the 3rd pic but i dont get it …:thumbsup:


Hey Brian,

It’s Bobby, how have you been? Glad to see you made it to CgTalk…