Robot - Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX), Dominique Fraser (3D)


amazing visual shot. :slight_smile:


Totally agreed, I think if the original photo of the model had been included in the first post from the start people would’ve been a hell of a lot less impressed.

But oh well, who are we to judge, giving awards is not up to us.

No disrespect to SublimCreation intended, it’s a nice looking piece. But considering the amount of actual CG in it (or well, the lack of it), this is in my opinion not 3d Choice material. Again, no offence, just my thoughts.


Great composition!
all is well integrated!



:deal: thats amazing ***** :eek: :applause: :applause:


You definitely threw some “hot sauce” on this one!!! Great job, 5 stars from me!!!


Really nice photo, and great -photo-model. I Also like the color asjustment.
I think the debris could be worked more on, like the material shader, and the motionblur doesn’t have any rotate effect, so it doesn’t looks quite right.
The lazers was cool, but wery “photoshop-ish” try to work on the glare and the colors.


oh man very excelent work … really good job.



No offense, but it seems that most of the people think that whole image is 3D. It is
pretty strange that most of them like the woman character which is actually only photo and
it seems that moderators here think the same about this picture, because the added CG elemtents are really basic.

But of course i don´t want to be rude or harm you Sublim Creation, because you wrote what is real photography and what is CG : ) Bu this picture is only proof how “professional” the award jury is.

This is really funny : )

SublimCreation - I Hope that I did´nt harm you, but this picture is for me the best test of the professionality of the local moderators.

Wish you the best and keep working.

This was only my personal opinion!



I like that Picture and of course the idea behind it.
And at the end the result is great, no matter whats CG and whats real.

The only thing that disturbs me a little is the expression of her face.
She should look more angry, not surprised( this is how i see her)

But anyways, great work 4 Stars!


Great job!!


great job, but this is not full cg …



Nice stuff, Dominique.

Who did the 3d and who took the picture?


hei Dominique!
I like your technique.:slight_smile:
But you say about sublim…
Is the Sublim according to Edmund Burke’s aesthetic concepts?
Your images is still beautiful…:hmm:


Even if it’s a real girl, I like this picture. Good CG and great compo ^^

C’est marrant comme tout le monde s’emballe vite sur ce forum, il me semblait pourtant que tu avais été clair dès le début. Laisse les parler, ton image est bonne et c’est tout ce qui compte ^^


I voted for this picture knowing that it was a photo (that he told right away - read before getting all excited, guys). I think it’s a great image regardless of the technique.


Very good, outstanding composition, this worked well for art direction, very good.


Thank you everybody!

Seazo: Txs for your constructive comments!

BlazingEyes: I looked for Edmund Burke and didn’t find the good person I think. :wink:
Was he an Irish political theorist?!

Hey Phil!
I worked with Jean-François Gauthier and Mikael Boutin on all the pictures. Walee ( from France did the listening gadget on the Controller image.

My good friend Brian was our photographer, you can see his work here:
With Jenn Finkelstein as the stylist (
And Nicolas Guzman as the Make up and hair artist (

As I said in my entry description, it was a great team creative trip. I found the idea of mixing fashion photography and 3D. Mariev Rodrig and I scheduled everybody for the shooting, afterward the Sublim ( team retouched the 2 models.
Amélie Sorel ( and Marie-Hélène McCormack
Daniel Richard created the 2D design in the Controller image.

Actually these images were published in the fall edition of the Zink Magazine here in Canada.

And for all the people who think that the amount of 3D can change anything about if we really deserved the CG Society award…My opinion is whatever the technique you chose, only the final result really matters!


fantastic job



This is really a piece of art,can I give 100 stars?

Style that everyone will love to see…

well, well, done…


Im never the one to critisize such quality work, but i believe that there is somthing fundamentally wrong with the expression on her face. Its neither that of power and strength, its not aner, or ditermanence, its the expression of a horrible synthetic emotion. I am very dissapointed. robot or not.

otherwize, this is one of the best concepts i have ever seen. and you deserve anything you win and accomplish with this.

  • Zaniar Moradian