Robot - Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX), Dominique Fraser (3D)


Title: Robot - Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX)
Name: Dominique Fraser
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Maya, Photoshop

This is a REAL fashion model with 3D and 2D effects added. The girl’s skin was retouched in photoshop, that why she looks perfect, but she’s still a real person, NOT 3D!

I worked closely with a photographer, a stylist and my talented team of retouchers and 3D artists to create this series of pictures who combines photography and science fiction.

Here is the original photography, took by my friend Brian Ypperciel:

You can see his work at

And here the result of the entire project:


Amazing!!! :eek: 5 stars

This is still CG? :slight_smile:


Me too ! *****


Nice! Very nice… 5*



What a petty:[i] This is a real fashion model :wink:



nice work !


if all is in 3d , its perfect , just superb !!

best regards


Hi, txs everybody for your great comments :smiley:
Kaddd: In this series of pictures the girls are real. This is a mix between real fashion shots and CG FXs.

I’ll post the other pictures soon!



it is a nice concept, i can tell you that :slight_smile:
but in composited shots such as this it would be nice if it is accompanied by a set of wires, just to clarify what is CG and what is not :slight_smile:
it helps others to judge your work

but nevertheless it is a beautifull executed shot…nice work!


perfct mix cool job:thumbsup:


Here is the original picture, before all the modifications. Also, you can see the stylist hands :wink:


That’s one of the most realistic CG humans I’ve ever seen. Just spectacular.


MrPositive, girl is not cg she is real :smiley:

good compositing


Wow!! awesome work:beer:


yeah, me too. :smiley:
unbelievable realistic woman. :thumbsup:


Boy, this one sure is confusing people.

I like the composition, but perhaps a bigger disclaimer is needed.


Loll I changed the name of my entry, I hope people will read :wink:


I’ve seen your work before, always interesting :slight_smile:


Don´t get me wrong here, but an award for what?
I am mean it´s a nice photo and paint job. But the 3d aspect of the picture is IMHO basic stuff. But who am I to judge?!
Maybe there is about time to have a new category. Now there is only 2dstills and 3dstills. Maybe a “digital art” category could be something? A category that is not about which technique you use, but about the end result.

My rusty old 2 cents


Excellent .
Front Page !!