Robot, Liu Zhiji (3D)


man this is GR8.



Nice job!
I like the design very much.
5 star for you!:scream:



well your definatly chinese, u guys have a style i wish i could show in my work without it looking like a mere attempt. very nice finish, awsome design and a marvelous composition


Very clean and elegant:thumbsup: Good color palette.
Would like to see this animated.Keep up the
good work.


Yes, very beautiful design


Good work Dude!

That what i call a robot!


Grate modeling. Could you post some wires? Thanks and congratulations.



interesting technique


Awesome Work.


Wonderfull design! Looks elegant and stylish. At the same time pointless and unpractical. Just the perfect way to show the whole drama of the humanoid construct. Excellent work!!


nice img, keep up. 支持国人!


Great work. It sort of has an egiptian feel to it but not entirely…looks out of this world :thumbsup:

No crits from me…I second the choice award :slight_smile:


amazing!can u give some other angles of that model!
we would like to see it! :applause:


Its production level!!!I like the design and material,keep on working man!!:buttrock:


Hey, imressed with originality of robot’s design!
Really something new for me! Reminds a bit egyptian style… And this soft pattern of image - great work! Will save it as example of prof work :slight_smile:


good work!:thumbsup: >Congratulation!


Being a Lady, I don’t normally like robots - but I LOVE yours!

Truly the most elegant creature. As if by magic you have given
some emotion and intelligence to a non-human construct. Brilliant.


~Thanks everyone~

gagiu:Thanks,Here is the wire



Simulating is Great.


What do you mean by pointless and unpractical?