Robot, Liu Zhiji (3D)


It is really very nice! You have great talent, very well modeled, very kool style, very very nice shader.

Keep going!

Congratulations! :thumbsup:


the style of the robot is very nice specially the nick of the robot


the style of the robot is very nice specially the nick of the robot


very good textured .
the desgin is great .


Nice mix of mechanics and organics! Honestly I think the design used in I ROBOT was a bit weak in certain areas. It lacked that uncanny mix of humanoid and machine especially in the face. Too much translucency perhaps… too organic. You got it right though! Great work, look forward to seeing more.


Great work man! :thumbsup:

Did you use textures or shaders for the character?


my only crit is the arm length off screen doesnt seem to match up with the forearm angle. i like the head tho i like how it looks like hte head has the ability to rotate within the extended neck


I think this piece looks very artistic. I like the pose of the figure. So delicate for a robot. :wink:


Congratulation Man…

Realy your modeling and texturing and specialy your COLOR MOOD is great…have success

best regards


Wow this is some really awesome work! Great concept and the modeling and texturing is amazing! Keep up the great work :smiley:



But…I have seen that concept ages ago on the internet. the original one is much more complex on the face…I can’t remeber well

Anyway, that is good start! hope u improve it!


u did a remarkable job. one problem to picture a robot is that we find it hard to reflect its mind(i believe it will have its own thoughts). i hope there will be some breakthrough.


cool done! u r the proud of our chinese in cgtalk!!!




i like it!


lovely character design and lighting. I like that you have been inspired by I-Robot yet have come up with a design which is completely unique and appealing. Congratulations!


super work! I love it!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




Very awesome



Thanks everyone~
~Your suggestion is to my biggest help~

The creation method of the material I am at website study of the artist Arild Wiro.

I do not know while post reply how insert the image.:sad:

louis6:Thanks,I am Tianjin in China.


That’s very lovely!

Like your style!