Robot in disguise, Valentin Yovchev (3D)


Title: Robot in disguise
Name: Valentin Yovchev
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

Title: Robot in disguise
Name: Valentin Yovchev
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3Ds max,Mental Ray,Photoshop

I’m a huge fan of transformers and they did really some pretty awesome job on the robots and they putted 1 2 old cars but not the good old German trabant. Yea I made an autobot version and with friends in the Bulgarian forum we manege to come up with an idea of decepticon and that’s how the idea for this artwork comed up for me.
The robot in disguise was a Daily Deviation in Deviant art,and it was chosen for art of the week in Digital Art Secrets.
But not that’s what makes me happy,I’ve recived an email from The US/UK Fan club of the Trabant owners who ware really exited and happy to see that someone come up with idea of trabant transformer


Trabant… haha! I once drove in that car when i was little :smiley: good job

wheels can be improved a bit, also the lighting bothers me a bit… i think it needs to be a little more dramatic, but the modeling it`s great :slight_smile:


Haha nice trabant. I made one too one and half year ago :wink:

I think robot head looks less interesting, everything else is very nice :slight_smile:


The modeling, detail, and 3D aspect is fantastic! As an image, weaknesses show through the other areas…

The lighting is kinda bland. There’s a lot you can do, but start by adding subtle warm & cool tones to lights.

It could just be the lighting, but the shaders look very basic. There’s a large discussion about Mental Ray shaders in the 3DS Max section here, as well as a collection of shaders you can download and analyze.


I understand i know that there is big variation of materials inside mental ray but have you seen trabant my my friend it’s quite simple plastic type of looking material nothing to complex :smiley:


The robot is in such a dynamic pose, that motion blur on the moving parts would be cool. Nice work!



Very good modeling and idea of “Trabanformer”. The pose works really good and is convincing the viewer that the transformer really has got some weight.
The textures need some work. Now there´s not really any metallic effect on the yellow surfaces which makes them look like plastic. Other than that really good work.


Mate Trabants Are plastic :slight_smile: not metal :smiley:


hhhahaha really nice :slight_smile:


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