Robot Hopper, Tristan_bethe (3D)


This robotic grasshopper i made last summer.
It was created with this as reference:

The hoppers:

It’s a bit undersampled here and there but rendering on my xeon 1.7 Ghz was quite long already:D

Made in 3ds max 5 with brazil RS.
Mesh was about 100 mb which was a major pain when i started to animate so i devided it in several parts (xref objects). It took long to load but at least i could save it quikly:rolleyes:

some more:

—edited july 30—

I’ve redone the lighting on the grasshopper and rendered a short anim

Here you can view a short landing animation of the hopper: (bink executable movie)

The walk cycle is coming along nice (prev anim):

Final render of the hoppers on leaves:


great, really great concept and render !! love you have some animations too ?
:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Very nice work on this model, although I’m not to sure about the material you have used for the shell I can see where you are going with it. The assembly of the model is terrific and snaps together perfectly, you have kept true to the original reference image while producing a very imaginative version of the creature.

Excellent job.


excellent modeling. Vey nice work. :slight_smile:


Nice work. Can we have more views please ?


That second render is awesome, truelly great modeling and lighting.

Top notch!


Extraordinary design, modelling and lighting!!

Congrats :thumbsup:


Glad that I could reply this early. Very very nice renders, was wondering the background in the first pic is photo yes?..

plus… 100mb mesh??.. how many polies IS that???:shrug:

AND… u know we wana see the wires!!!


yeah post some wires if u dont mind :slight_smile:
really great stuff :slight_smile:
grats u for the front page plug :slight_smile:


Woow!! Thats so cool.
Really love the model and the renderwork. Nice work!! :thumbsup:
could be nice to se an animated version?


cool concept!! can we see some wires? and maybe your xrefs?

nice work!!!:thumbsup:


great concept, great modeling, great render!


the killer hopper. very well use of hdri and concept.


very good rendering. love the texturing. some matrix elements? :wink:

simply great


The little details in the head regon are great. Really set it off.


Very well done !! Great model and render :thumbsup:



I love the design,really good!. the image with the leaf has a very real aspect.:thumbsup:


wooooaaaaahhhh stunning lighting!!!

this grasshopper looks great!:thumbsup:


This really rocks, excellent modeling!! :buttrock:



Man that is SWEEEEET!:eek:

I want one for a pet.
How long until they are in production?