Robot game animation


My frist post here.
It about Tow robots game animation of Giant Robot Battle…

Have fun and you can down:


Ni Hao,

Nice job! I really like your animations, they’re fluid and interesting, but one thing I noticed is that from the animations themselves, I couldn’t tell those 2 robots are giant robot. (until I read your title again)… I thought they’re like “human size” or at most “SUV size”, I think it’s because the speed of the overall movements is a little fast. Try slowing them down a bit or you may take a look at any Japanese “Sentai” TV series, Anime with giant robots or even WB’s “Iron Giant” movie, normally those examples’ giant robots’ movements are a bit too slow but you’ll be able to find a optimum/suitable speed between them and your piece.

I really like the “Rocket dive” (I made up the name) of the green robot, at the 8th-9th second of your piece, but would like to see the “bounce” back to the ground (after finish attacking) more powerful.

Hen Bang! Wo hen xihuan!

PS. By the way, is this somekind of action/fighting game or RPG?


:beer: Ni hao, pommegenozide.
why call them giant robot…because they size …just like this pic…

It a battle casual online game ,and the game animation style is cartoon…just make the one who play this game think they are all funny…so you can see their action like a human and have own character…


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