Robot character


Hi guys,
I want to share with you my robot character which i have designed, modeled,rigged , please check it out and tell me if it is suitable for you to make animations , if yes it can be our base character for next challanges, and please respect my affort to not use any commercial subjects and do not share with other which is not in our subject, i do believe you are going to have the respect the affort…thank you guys!

if it is not suitable for you guys to make animation , let us find other rig character(s) , lets decided till 25 July then lets keep going. I am going to delete the link after 25th of July

P.S: you are going to find two videos, one is explanation of the rig which was my rigging showreel part , second is a test animation which i made. the maya file is Maya 2012 version


Best Regards


I like the animation part of ure work,rigs are awesome keep up the good work man ,looking forward to an animation challenge soon from cg scociety if there gonna be one.


thank you AbsorbentGhost , so we have one feedback and lets try a challange with that rig , if anyone to join with other character its ofcourse welcome, i am going to post the the challange 31of July

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i am quite busy in these days but i am going to open new challenge very soon, sorry again


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