Robot Assembly Line


Here’s a little cycle I’ve worked on for the past week, from character design to final frame. It’s my Automated Robot Assembly Line, with a twist.

C&Cs are welcome.

This file size is around 6Mb.

And check my other animation clips on my website:


lol nice loop! i dig it! :thumbsup:


yep! Absolutely excellent loop…funny bit


Haha, nice. I like it! I sat and watched it loop probably more times then I want to admit. :slight_smile:

I like the character design too. Good poses, good holds. The only thing that I saw that might help is maybe add some sway on the robot’s arms when the assembly line moves. They feel stiff right now.


First of all, thanks for the comments. I appreciate them.

About the arms, I wanted to add a sway to the whole body and then settle it down before the next loop, but the characters in the background are not rigged, they are just duplicated geo so it wouldn’t slow down the scene. And to add the sway to the two rigged characters and not the others wouldn’t work, right? I admit that I feel it was a bad decision now, but I think the whole scene is working as is and it would be a lot of work to replace those characters, so, I’ll leave it like that for now. Maybe I’ll come back to work on it again someday.


the robot is so cute !!
this play is very funny, too.


nice animation man. liked it very much. nice loopy animation.


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