Robot "31.10", Jorge Roa (3D)


Title: Robot “31.10”
Name: Jorge Roa
Country: Chile
Software: Maya, Photoshop, VRay

“31.10” is the name of the last robot of his kind. His journey in oil exploration, the only source that prevent the definitive extinction of their species, is long.

Maya / Vray / Photoshop


I really like the character and back story.
A suggestion is to work a bit more with the light, make it a bit more dramatic and to make him “pop” out more from the background. Looks a bit flat in my opinion.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


funny character and concept.



like someone already said…the lighting’s very flat…there’s no variation in values across the image. but very very nice character and lovely textures


I like your concept.:applause:


emotion and atmosphere in this work is very good.
idea and texturing is great.


Nice job. I like the concept and his expression is just right. Poor little guy.


Great textures, great model! as said before though I think changing the background a little will be an improvement :wink:


bueno wn !

maybe change a bit its pose to make it more resting on the stick


wow very good details & very nice textures
keep on & good luck :beer:


cute character, good work!


Brilliant model and textures, just tweak that lighting a bit to add depth between the foreground and background and it will look fantastic.



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