« RoboDog », Amin Nadery (3D)


Title: « RoboDog »
Name: Amin Nadery
Country: Iran
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi …
it’s a robodog
I, think, from these robots used in great factorys for security soon .
I saw this 2D in saunderscreative.com and i decided turn it into 3D.

Modeling time : 4 hours
Render Time : 3 min



I love your image,it’s cool~,cheers! :slight_smile:


congratulations nice image i love it


wow man nice image , u made me remember the transformers , :wink: 4 stars


Cool image. I like the metal. My only critic would be the materials of the wires, hose things. They need more work, right now they look that they have a flat lambert on them.

Good luck


Thanks guys.
I become happy from your opinions.

yeah david, i recieve your idea , these hoses need more work and new material.

Good luck


Hey… very cool job. Good modeling and nice shading. I agree with David-J about that one material. But its a really cool picture. Thumbs up!


Very good image, congrats!


Amin,at first I saw that but I think u no need change new material for those wires,there also can be cool sci-fi style,no need all metal things that,special in future scifi~u did great.


If u could,make two legs more natural pose,then would be more better~


WOW, nice

aaaalalalallalal image hai,
model, shade is good



Nicely done!

I agree with the others about the hoses.
But what I´d like to see is a little different lightning. Maby one or two light sources that dominate and cast shadows. That might bring more depth to the image.
The warm colors in the background could be reflected/picked up on the chest and other parts pointing away downwards.

Another thing I think could make that more frightening is blood! :cool:
Maby some dried stains on warious parts.

well done! / JS


Thanks guys,
I’m happy from your opinions.

Yes Smas,I agree about hoses with them too.
I used from a light in behind the camera and image based lighting on model.
The image background is a view of Ahwaz Alloy Steel Factory at night.

Sorry for my bad English…

Good luck.


Wow that’s awesome looking dog!


nice work, cool shapes!


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