robin, Paul Banister (3D)


Title: robin
Name: Paul Banister
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

decided to test out compositing render passes from zbrush and combine them in photoshop,went for a fairly simple subject that stilll had its own challenges.base mesh in maya, sculpted in zbrush, snow blowing and silhouette ferathers done in photoshop.


very poetic little friend
I love the mood and the colors a lot

Perhaps you could have chosen a different camera position
putting him more to the right side would give the air in front of him more space

would you show how you did the feathers. perhaps in an wireframe image or even the textures/alphas. thnx


illustration is very beautiful


Fantastic image. Great composition and snow.
Posted it on my blog.


Hey Paul,

Just beaultiful. From what you described, your work process was very interesting and experimental. Whatever you did, you came in a very good result.

Without being nosy Martin (mimo8), I think your question about the feathers is answered on the sentences in the description that Paul gave us.

Hugs you all :slight_smile: :beer:


lovely bird and colours. the composition could have been better tho. i think.


Really elegant image,congratulation.


mimo8: thanks :slight_smile: , agreed on the composition, its too centered as it is, if i do another bird picture then i will pay more attention to that part.

as for the feathers,…anything that breaks the silhouette on the bird is just the good old ‘smudge’ brush in photoshop. Since this piece was more a test of compositing render passes, i didnt want to go into too much time and effort on the feathers, which is another reason why the wings are folded and not open :).

aradarena: thanks :slight_smile:
hoodedpython: thanks :slight_smile: glad you liked it enough to put on your blog
hoodedpython: thanks :slight_smile:
lipuster: thanks :), agreed.
Kidqube: thanks :slight_smile:

a few more shots with wires and sculpt

thanks for looking


Lovely little bird! Very nice image.


Wow! Its so brilliant work!
Its so different from other works (with monsters etc)
Its so peaceful piece of art!
Excellent composition!


hi paul
thnx very much for the details and the wip images


Beautiful shot mate!
Simple but totally attractive.


Neb: thanks :slight_smile:

yuriki: thanks :slight_smile: , yeah i like all the creature/alien sorta stuff but it was good to try something different.

mimo8: no probs :slight_smile:

ramonesFAN: thanks :slight_smile:


You have achieved the not so easy goal of producing emotions through simplicity. Congratulations.
Am I correct in finding a sort of oriental feeling in the image?


That turned out really well. Nice job.


ebasta: thanks :), never set out to get an oriental feel,… maybe its the vignette and colour choice that sparks that off :slight_smile:

Aelirenn: thanks :slight_smile:


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