Roberto Ortiz - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


OK update :
[li]tweaked the motion[/li][li]implemented monstersauce comments[/li][li]cleared the keyframes to make the motion more smooth[/li][/ul] (2 megs)



it’s looking better,
there is a little jump I noticed in the lantern’s motion about 15 frames in…
also I noticed that you turn the character by just rotating the entire character instead of actually making the character step to turn and then step to turn back…
good stuff :slight_smile:


Two things really stood out.

#1: This goes along with monstersauce’s suggestion in the turn. Whether the character steps to turn or he it is just rotating his body, those hips need a bit more movement. For example, when he looks back, it is great that you have his upper body bend down then up during the turn, showing the arc; however, consider moving his hips down during the turn then back up out of the turn ( a little further up than u think) then move the hips back down into the cushion/settle. Then repeat this on the look back to front. This will unstiffen things a bit more and will also add a lot more weight to your character.

#2. When the charater drops his sword hand @ the end, this movement is awkward. I noticed you have three key poses in that movement. #1 is the hand and sword up, #2 is the elbow drop, #3 is the hand and sword drop. It seems too robotic…maybe it is just some linear curves in the graph editor?

Its getting there! :slight_smile:



Hi Roberto Ortiz (Beutifull Name… he he he)

Yeahh…It is comming alive! A few things that you coud think about it (just my opinion)

  • Add more arcs and when he turns. Be carefull with that feeling of going from one pose to another. (follow trought)

  • I guess your cut could work better if you did it in the middle of him turning back. I have a feeling that “fast cuts” works better when characters are moving… you could try it…

  • Clean your fcurves. Sometimes I have a feeling that the character moves a little hard. I guess your slow in and out could be polish a little more.

Working fine untill now! Just keep working… : )


#25 (2 megs)

[li]Tweaked the curves[/li][li]Smooted the animation a bit[/li][/ul]Thanks for all the comments guys.

#26 (2megs)

Done for now.
Thanks guys for all your help.



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