Roberto Ortiz - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


OK I storyboarded the animation :

Ill be using this rig for the animation.

Wish me sucess guys!


I like it… It would be cool to see it rendered. The light from the lantern would really play well.


Thanks awake, I am now just working on issues of timing.
Here is the storyboard as an animated gif.



Ok I blocked the animation and did the key poses.

I have not done ANY timing yet, or secondary animation (2 megs)



It might be nice to have the lamp a little lower in the beginning and then have him raise the lamp as the shot continues.


Thanks Awake
Great idea!
Ill add it tonight.



Still tweaking the poses and the timing: (2 megs)



since you are still working on timing I have a few ideas. your animation lacks holds and thus I think it disrupts any thinking time. one thing I can suggest is, especially with the time limit of this contest, that you keep the movements limited as well. There might not be enough time to have you character turn all the way away and then back and still register thought. if you just have him look to the side you could have him hold with a scared look on his face, then turn back forward and hold. this way you could have some time to read expressions on his face and you could even throw in the lantern shaking a little bit.


the cut needs to be during the action roberto , so instead of cutting when he comes to a stop you should cut when he is turning around and continue and stop that motion in the second cut.

looking forward to the update.


bawhabmw and Sheep Factory thanks for the comments so far.

I tried to implment them in this version.
I still have to do the face animation, secondary animation and the other character. (2 megs)




check the tangents on the guy’s first turn. It looks a little abrupt when he starts moving. It also might be nice to have the character facing offscreen at the beginning of the first shot and then have him turn towards camera, maybe even past it… That way we get more time on his face.

Your guy is really starting to come alive at the end of the second shot… :slight_smile:


i like the cut better. this version works better. you character is looking a tad robotic. not sure if you are still on linear tangents.


OK I did two versions
one is the version suggested by AWAKE (2 megs)

and the second by tweaking the previous version: (2 megs)


#14 has a much better feeling cut IMHO. :slight_smile:


imho cut needs to happen at least 10 frames earlier in test4b. you are currently cutting when the action is almost over and the cut is visible to the viewer and distractive.


OK Sheep, I tried to follow your advice

Here you go: (2 megs)



I like the cut during a turn, the big transitiony movement makes the camera cut pretty invisible. But I would do it during the second turn (the turn back). Dramatically speaking, I think it would communicate better if we saw the big guy only a moment or two before the little guy does. When we see him SO far in advance, the mind has time to think ‘he didn’t notice that before?.. I did!’



Ok Raised here you go: (2 megs)



OK update :
[li]Added the the secondary character.[/li][li]Added some tweaks to the animation[/li][/ul] (2 megs)



that looks really nice,
I think I would do the cut a couple of frames into him turning back…
it feels like it pops a little bit for me as it is… :shrug: