Robert Johnson - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Ok this will be my entry then I guess :slight_smile:
Im done now…dont see what else I can change…I mean its 100 frames… :slight_smile:
Will be waiting for the next comp… :slight_smile:

*** ***
link to the page with the model I rigged, belive its protons model…looks like it :slight_smile:

original post (links removed) before you take the time to download the ~800kb .mov file :slight_smile:

aprox…erm…2hours work or so…very “been there seen that” concept doh Im afraid. first cgtalk comp entry so I hope its right…I hope I did the cut the way you were suposed to :slight_smile:
the model is by Proton I belive, got it from one of those free model packs :slight_smile:
rigged it like a day ago for a 1 min short I wanna do, I suck at run-animations so this was kinda nice to do :slight_smile:


Nice idea, Robert!

However, I think you should make it clearer right before the cut that your character senses something under his feet.

I’ll be watching your progress !


ok I’ll try! :slight_smile:
I have yet to do acting classes so I really suck at expressing myself through the characters, but Im gonna work more on the facial expressions since they are kinda the same all the time…

maybe he could look down once, and then look at the cammera all scared, and then jump up… :slight_smile:


Smooth work - I’m impressed you got such a big model to believeably fall through a small hole. No body parts clipping the sides or anything.

The hands on his face are a little odd though - I totally get that he’s putting one hand on the side of his face in a slightly flustered manner (makes me think that he’s uneasy about something) and that the other hand is pensively touching his lip (makes me think that he’s thinking about something) It just looks a little odd to have both hands there at once.



heh thank you, at first I actually wanted him to get stuck half way, like in the Incredibles trailer…but I just flushed him down the drain :slight_smile:

  yeah, his left hand is rather booring isnt it? :) I put it down to the side now..
 EDIT: (from earlier today, had a sloppy version up, worked on it a version perhaps?)

 well, I've watched this loop over and over now..dont know what else to do to it :)
 hope I can still enter it in the comp, if not..then I guess I have something to fill my gollege application reel with :P


I think you might want to play with the timing of the cut. when you cut, super gramps is going down before the cut, and up after it. maybe pushing it back a bit would help.


Right Ill try that :slight_smile: thank you! :slight_smile:


ok, a suggestion.
When he falls down it actualy looks like he’s jumping into that hole.
I wouldn’t make him move upward. I would keep him as he is and let him fall down with a stretch. Body goes down, head stays where it is and then shoots down aswell.

Just my humble opinion.


well I did like Awake said and pushed the cut back so that he goes down in the cut…wonder if that is ok with the competition assignment, since the action was suposed to follow through the cut but now actually happends after it? :slight_smile: oh well…until next time :slight_smile:

Natxotic, dont agree about that I think…hmm :slight_smile: dont know about the whole keep him where he is either…oh well, gg :slight_smile:


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