Robert De niro , Hossein Diba (3D)


looking good i like it the details by the face
keep on & good luck


bloody marvellous. well done!


Dear Hossein Diba,

been trying to PM you, but that didn’t seem to work.
I’m editor-in-chief of an interactive gaming and movies magazine called Invader Magazine. You can read it for free on your tablet or smartphone (Android &IOS). It’s in Dutch.
We also have a web viewer:

We’re looking for cool 3D models to integrate in our magazine.
This work is great. I would love to integrate a 360 model of De Niro’s head that our readers can rotate freely on their tablets.

Could you contact me on

with kind regards,


Really really extra-ordinary work. Great job:)
Hats off.


Mr-Evil-studio, Thank you!
Lightcache, Thank you!
InvaderBen, I would love too, actually I was thinking to have a 360 turntable render but each frame would take more than 30 minutes with this quality and my machine, so I gave up the Idea of doing so unless I bring down the sampling and maybe GI.
subhendu3d, Thank you!


Damn Good work, man!
wish u all the best for future.


This version is way better than the old one!

Keep the good work and thanks for share your work with us!


This is so realistic. Excellent job. I like the skin and hair, done extremely well


Thanks guys. I would like to thank CGSociety staff for honoring me with choice award. It means a lot to me, many Thanks :slight_smile:


This is really amazing mate! nailed it as always :banghead:

P.S: Parcham balast dada! :buttrock:


wow! great work!
thank you for sharing your tutorial, so nice! :bounce:


Impressive, great job :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, glad you like it, cheers.


I can only say wonderful compatriot !


Impressive! :thumbsup:


Thanks guys


and thanks for the screenshot posts, even though I only generally use C4D nowadays its great to see a talented individuals process, whatever software they happen to use.


great work


Amazing work


awesome very similar