Roadrunner: The silence of the meep


Hello, I watch the news the other day and I saw a reportage, on people in Africa that didn’t have any food, do you guys know how else isn’t getting any food… That right Carnivorous vulgaris (or Coyote), from Warner Brother’s series Roadrunner… So my short film will be titled, Roadrunner: The silence of the meep.

Ohh I’m Using Maya 6.0 for this project


My favourite character, eh? (The coyote, that is… )
The character looks good, pretty much on the reference.
Not sure whether he has a claw though… And (not having reference to back that up) the tail seemed to have a bit longer feathers in the cartoons.
Only other crit is the style of the background mesas, which doesn’t really fit the cartoons (IIRC). I think it was either very stylised with focus on clear lines or even abstract cubic kinda globs. Just a thought… Try to focus watching that reference (i couldn’t! )


Hey it is looking pretty cool. But I think the character was taller than he is and thinner. It looks like you have made him more of a child type roadrunner whihc is quite cool. I really like the whole idea of changing 2D animation into 3D, and seeing how things change in the process and weather it could work in 3D or not. Also the backgrounds you have there are not to great like Sky_chris said, maybe you need to stick more with 2D type backgrounds. Then have a 3D ground, they did this type of thing in Ice Age, where the backgrounds were really nicely stylised and didn’t get in the way of the action between the characters. I think you want to look back at the original road runner episodes and get lots of reference.




Looks cool so far,
I looked through Google and found a few pictures…
sometimes his wing looks shorter than what you made it here and sometimes longer…its a toss up
your background as stated previously needs to be changed to give it the same feel as the cartoon


I hadn’t the opporunity to work with the project today, but i tested the enviroment that pureprplaya posted, I thinking of Painting an enviroment like this one, And have a fixed background, and let the characters do the movement. here’s an example( Don’t comment about the shadow because a know it looks like ass):


yeah that background looks rad. I do something like that, It works really well.


Good job, looks better this way


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