Roadies - Concept Bike, Azhagu Raj Pandian (3D)


Title: Roadies - Concept Bike
Name: Azhagu Raj Pandian
Country: India
Software: BodyPaint, Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Project done for : Self , Inspired by concept art i found on net… : )

i worked on modeling & texturing … I’ll be happy to get as much comments and ctitics as I can… Thx : )


I like your modeling. The details of the bike are done really nicely and carefully. The presentation of your work demonstrates your professional approach.
There are few flaws in your rendering, however.
The majority of the chrome parts of the bike do not have much of the reflections and appear very dull and plastic. The bike paint does not have the metallic flickers, like you would normally see on the car paint or bike. I think that the light source should be positioned above the bike, thus casting shadow from the top and not from the side. When rendering with final gathering, you often see color spils, this is why your image has a blue spot under the bike, it is easy to fix by playing and adjusting the mental ray shader settings.
Your scene makes me believe that you were trying to achieve studio lighting, to get better results, you can setup white planes around your model to cast fake reflections.
Other then these few issues, your work looks great. Good luck.



Good work,looks detailed but rendering needs a little work and maybe more angles :wise:


good model good concept… bad rendering… needs work… AO, reflections and possibly some background


nice work… is that a concept for some modified Karizma… lol :smiley: jst kidding… this is coming out nicely… :thumbsup:


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