Rjs-Mal Wip's


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a Concept that i’m working on.

At the moment i’m done with the modeling,sculpting and texturing of the model now im gonna start with his suit.

Here are the wip pic’s of the character.

Hope you like them.



Part II


Suit update, Still needs alot of tweaking.

His Pants,shoe’s and arm pieces are the last thing to add then I can take it into Zbrush.

C&C are welcome.

Take care.


Small update,

I’ve changed the size of his legg pads, his shoulder pads will remain large I want it to be over the top just like his weapon.

I need to model his head armour and tweak his weapon then I can take it into Zbrush.

P.s Can anyone tell my why my images resize themself when I add them to the Thread?

Take care.


Because of the CSS property of the website.
I use the URL tag to allow people to open the pic.

[u r l = directlinktoyourpic][i m g]directlinktoyourpic[/ i m g ][/ u r l]

example with your image:

Like your model, good modeling so far.


Thanks alot for your reply Charly, im gonna try it out.


It works thanks for the help bro


Finally i’m done modeling his suit, I only need to unwrap the pieces then take it to zbrush.

This is the final result.



Finally I’ve imported the whole model into zbrush.

I’ve changed all the colors of the subtool to get a better idea where the errors are such as the body piercing through the suit.

In total the model consists out of 17 sub tools without counting the male model.

I hope to post a sculpt update soon.

Take care


I’ve started sculpting the Torso, it’s still very basic.

Need to add details and optimize the sculpted parts.



Its not a bad job, I think it could use a bit more texture, but good work otherwise.


Thnx for your reply Shadowkath,

At the moment the model doesn’t contain any textures, when i’m done sculpting i’m gonna give it a texture.

I didn’t have alot of time to work on this project, but i’ve added some more details to the torso and started sculpting the shoulder pad holders.

Take care.


Progress on the suit model, all basic sculpts are done accept for the helmet.

When i’m done with the helmet I’m gonna check which parts are good in cinema 4D and which parts need a retopo.




I wanted to ask a mod if my thread name could be changed into Rjs-mal Wip’s.

I hope it’s possible.

Take care.


I’ve started with the texture, still needs some loving but it’s going the right way.

C&C are welcome.

Take care.


Very interesting colors for the suit there. Love it. Please keep posting. Cheers.


Looks pretty cool for far. If your going to add some scratches maybe you should add some dents as well to break up the model a little bit.


Hi guys,

Thanks alot for your replies.

@ ArtisticGore

Im glad you like the texture, this is the basic idea for the whole suit with some exceptions.

@ P1xelated

Thnx for the advice, I still wanted to make it a bit dirty I think dents can work.

Thnx again.


Small update on the texture, still needs some tweaking.

Take care.


Small update.

Take care


Another Update.

Take care.