River Retreat, Alex McDaniel (2D)


Title: River Retreat
Name: Alex McDaniel
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

I’ve recently been doing some tutorials and personal pieces to get back into the swing of things with my art. Admittedly its been a while so my speed and eyes are a bit rusty. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks.

With this piece in particular I wanted to give a sense of height where you’re right on the edge and potentially in danger, but completely at ease and comfortable.


Very nice work! Love the place so much, looks amazing. Also like atmosphere and style a lot. :thumbsup:


wow, very very amazing work dude


very powerful work


Imo, everything is great, composition, colors, atmosphere, artwork, style, everything is perfect!
An excellent piece I am never tired to look at. Also makes me wonder what kind of story could be behind it, he he he…
Outstanding work, anyway.
Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing!!


yeah, really great, i love it!


Very Nice.


Thanks so much for the compliments. They mean a lot :slight_smile:


Very beautiful landscape, I love it


very nice balance between color and lighting…looks soft.


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