I’m 16 and working with max5/6 for about 9 months now.

My current project is a short animation named “Rivals”

Plz note, that the town isn’t final. Only to see how it may looks like in the end. It’s WIP.

I’m currently working on the characters and some other buildings. The Problem is, that I have a 1ghz PC. I can’t use many Polys.

Achja, C&C are welcome, but please don’t be to hard. I know, there is very much to learn :slight_smile:

thank you for viewing!


I think there’s something wrong with the links. I can’t see nothing :\


You’r right, I’m sorry. Still fixing it.


Changed it!

Picture #2 of the town:


And the unsmoothed dragon Char:



Thank you for viewing!

Note: Sometimes there is a Error in the database. Please trie it again later. :shrug:


nice piece

the town is burned a bit (unless that is the effect u want to get)

about the mesh -

try adding more iterations to the dragon’s tail for smoother bending in animation
I 'd also take care of the leg joints. It shouldn’t be just “moved” vertices, but it has a different structure.


Thank you very much for the advice!


I have just one word to explain what i think of this.

  • Fantastic!

Excellent mood in pictures and you have caught an outdoor scene really good!!!


Thank you very much again.

I’m currently working on the Char, you see in the Town, making better and more detailed Textures.


Just finished the sword of the main character:


C&C are welcome

thz for viewing!



I Think I’ll make the blade a bit longer…

[Edit #2]

Done :wink:



An update, started to texture the main character yesterday:



Would be nice to hear some comments and critics

As always thanks for viewing


The dragon renderings looking great. I realy like the choice of colors and atmosphere.

The town looks interesting with the actual lighting but I would suggest making the houses more individual and more dirty. Since this is a medieval scene the street must be full of dirt. Think about throwing the waste directly out the window and with waste I mean everything… (your history teacher can for sure describe the daily living the the medieval age)

The knight is in my eyes a little bit to short take a look at some old (or never) knight movies and see how tall a night looks normaly…


Thz for reply,

The size of the Knight is ok this way, because it should be a bit comick looking, you know?
But I can strecht him if you want to :smiley: Thats not a problem.

I will add some more detailed Textures to the buildings, but as I said, it was only a test.

The armor and cloth are almost finished now:



currently working on the head

C&C are welcome :slight_smile:



The finished hero:



Full rigged and ready to animate…

Thz for viewing :slight_smile:



Well, the kinght looks ok, by himself. I think I agree that he looks a little short.

The dragon has a more realistic look to him though. Not sure it’ll be a great match, but keep going. I don’t think it’ll be apparent until they’re together,


the knight looks like it goes straigt from waist to leg, without any hips. No place for his um “codpiece” if you know what I mean.


yah, you’r might be right… of course, I can can change it… but it’s a comick look, nothing real…

A small update, I finished the castle from the town and made a small scene with the models I modeled till now… but seriously, I don’t like the scene… something is missing… :shrug:



Would like to hear C&C



The town is almost finished now…

I’ll add animated- smoke, birds and some other additional stuff…

would like to hear some comments and critics,

thank you



The near roof looks like it’s got the same mapping on the underside (shingles of some sort) Maybe it should be boards.

I’d also suggest making the roof shingles more varied (some might be older, more worn than others). The flags look very similar to one another too.

In the middle of the image, the two roof peaks have the same mapping on them as well.

It’s looking good.


Thank you for your comment Eric,

first, yeah the roofs are to similar and there are many mistakes, I’ll fix that for sure. I will maybe modell the roofs more detailed…

The flags are all the same modell with different animations.

I will also add clouds and birds (as I said)

I made a small animation with the dragons, have to watch out for any Webspace, than I can upload it…




Looking great! Would you mind telling us what kind of lighting and render setup you are using? The outdoor scenes look fantastic.