Riva Digital Dubai - they Hire freelancers and they don't pay them


The purpose from this thread is to warn every CG artist from a company called Riva Digital based in Dubai, they are already got a very bad reputation in not paying the freelancers, but some of the artist they are really not aware of them, they are used to do many tricks to make you work without payment.
first of all you will impressed with the kind of projects they will give you, and it is company based in dubai, so you will feel that everything is OK when they tell you just start working while we arrange your first payment and so on, Further, Riva feels no repugnance to counterfeiting bank documents, which includes giving false bank invoices indicating money was transferred (of course after 2 weeks of waiting there is no money on bank account).
they will try to force you to upload the scene on their render farm, explaining that deadline was moved and they need it earlier.
will of course if you insist you might get some advance payment, but after they always aim to put you in stress and agony and once you start working you just can’t stop that because you need money for that.
With this message I want to give a warning to other artists, to think twice before starting work with Riva company. I appeal to all 3d community to put Riva and the people behind their company under boycott!
please, if you have a story with Riva feel free to share here.
Good Luck everyone.


If you don’t know a company in up front, make sure you always get an advance payment. Most companies that are legit will understand the request.


Yes, if you insist you might get something, but they will always keep dodging, if you have a good intention you will never suspect they are trying to escape, at the end you might deliver the job and you got only 25% of your payment. and this is not the first that someone speaks about Riva on the forums, me myself was worried before working with them, but they assured me it was just a rumor, but it turned out to be very true.


thanks for the warning


I have been working there, and it is true that they didn’t pay many of the freelancers and companies, many of them had to pay money by themselves to complete the project, whatever for render farms or for other artists they hired on their behalf, depending on the promises that the payment will paid very soon, and most of the freelancers they refused to deliver before getting some of payment, and the company response for that was to ask from us to redo everything, which means more working hours and stress, while they should have just paid the freelancers, plus it was very embarrassing for us to work there, because we were the one who is dealing with the other artists, and we were in front of the cannon to take all the blame, we lost many good artists because of that, and even for us there was always a delay in the salaries. my advice if you will be hired by riva digital, always insist to take your payment upfront before every stage of the work.


added to the blacklist. thx


The bigger lesson here is to never start work without a binding agreement and partial payment up front (if applicable).


here is a link for another thread about Riva Digital not paying the freelancers since 2013



never do work for hire without legit contract and 30-50% advance, if investor/client is good for it, should be no problem with the amount$ freelancers usually work for

even with so called friends, buddies, colleagues… there are bad cases when they hit the road without paying for the last job… unless they need or have planned another immediately after

for love and family, it’s volunteer work :wink:
hope one day we all be one happy family again
until then, i’ll leave you with F*CK YOU, PAY ME


it could happen to anyone, life became like a huge mess, but this video was great :keenly:


Hi all!

Im simply amazed that riva digital company still exists! ) , after they decieved so many peoples through these years. I may confirm that this company is really great company in cheating peoples ) My own bad experience with them happened back in 2012, when they cheated couple of studios working on big animation project of theme park. The snatch they saved was well worth it )

They also good at intimidating, threating ppls with legalbattles if you put a discredit on their “good name”. Thats probably why there’s not so many threads over there confirming their fraud.
I definitely do not recommend to working with them, even if you get an advance payments, save your nerves.

Warboy you may try to post this case in linkedin, in some 3d arch viz grops - if admins allow that, i know riva’s chairman paul has account there. Yet the chances you got your payment is vanishingly small.


Yup, can confirm that.


I can’t say that I’m surprised by this. There aren’t as many studios that operate like this is Dubai these days as most of them have burned through their reputations. There are perhaps less than a dozen proper studios worth working with and for in Dubai at the moment. Definitely ask around and get it in writing if you don’t know who you are working with.




I know that Riva Digital run after any thread which is talking about their bad reputation in cheating the freelancers, they contact the admins and ask from them to remove it, claiming that it is abusive and wrong information.
but if we gather as many voices as we could from other artists who had been through the same experience with riva digital.
we just want to make a favor to other artists by warning them from riva digital cheating.


The industry in Dubai was very disappointing, very unprofessional and most of them delays the payments or they don’t pay at all like Riva Digital. we will never do work in Dubai again.


This is very useful information for us.We should raise voice against them.

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Thank you so much for this information.

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I can confirm too. Paul Roy payed some small bills first but the big final one was never payed. I remeber some words like “good luck finding a lowyer in Dubai”


Hi War Boys
So According to you Riva Digital Cheated didn’t pay too you. If you have balls can you show your real identity. Showing post from 2013 doesn’t make any difference. Riva Digital didn’t pay him because he never completed work which was assign to him.

I am asking to all the active member of this thread, If work assign to you didn’t completed & company already payed you advance which not be given to back to company.

What you guys will do as a company or professional?

Pay rest of the payment too. Or ask him to complete job or will not continue with him.

Please suggest?