Risk of Rain - Advanced Healing Drone


Modeled this in 2.4B over the weekend, based on the rare advanced healing drone from my favorite game Risk of Rain.
I referenced some real drone pics for the rotor blades (they fold down) and a few of the Kinect for the cameras.

Btw, I’m not getting any bugs with booleans anymore in this version! One small glitch though is that the model will turn black in areas where I add cuts, but when I change the shading mode it goes back to normal.


Wow, I completely missed this post. This is very nice.

I’ve had the same visual bug. Often I can just choose another edge, face, or vertex and the black goes away. Sometimes deselecting and reselecting the same selection works.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear the booleans bug is fixed! Interesting about the black faces with cut–we’ll see if we can repeat that and/or figure out what’s going on.


Thanks makit3d and Nevercenter! :slight_smile: