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I already made a search, nobody been talking about this film yet… anyway, here is some issue:

  1. Does anyone get a head ache watching this movie, like, serious headache? In my years and years of watching 3d movies (ever since IMAX shows Hounted Castle or that dinosaur movie) and all the other movies, this is the first time I went out of the cinema with a head ache.

  2. Was too much cook spoil the booth? The movie was supposed to be about Jack Frost, and the rest of the gang. But it seems that the plot was too convoluted, and was not focusing on real aspect. I don’t even know where to start. fun? the boy? the girl? his staff?

  3. Do you think that Jack Frost was modelled after Dakota Goyo ( his voice was used for the boy / Jamie though). http://www.dakotagoyo.ca/ . Or just google image and see him in his blue shirt. Interesting.

Oh well, just asking :sad:


I went to see the film last week in 3D. Can’t say that I got a headache like you did but I really enjoyed it.

The plot didn’t seem too convoluted to me. It actually follows the Hero’s Journey pretty closely with the story structure. I could go through right now and match the stages with different events in the film. I won’t here simply because of the spoilers that would be involved.

Those other aspects are there to move the plot forward. The staff is what his power is channeled through, fun is why he is made a guardian, and the two kids are there as the catalyst in the end.


thanks. go ahead, i already mentioned in the thread title that this is for spoiler and story conversation.

what makes me question is that:

  1. it was shown that somehow he managed to have ultimate power, it seems that it was quite useless. sandman was more bad ass. The kid just need to believe in sandman more.

  2. if the staff was easily fixed, why boogyman breaks it in the first place, and why leave it with him?

  3. if the boogeyman can easily “kill” sandman (whatever that means), why didn’t he “kill” easter bunny?

  4. if fun was the real weapon - it wasn’t shown enough fun between him and his sister.

  5. what saddest most for me about this movie is that not the fact that he was being ignored by the kids, but the fact that he was ignored by every other guardian just because he was NOT a guardian. Even though he is the same person he is whether you are a guardian or not.

So this movie is about not being ignored, and not being believed in, and all the other guardians know that Jack Frost exist, know that hes been asking what he is meant for for 300 years, and Santa cannot tell him that (not until Jack Frost is the chosen one), Tooth Fairy didn’t care about him even though she hold the key (the memory).

The movie is great, and I do felt sad at certain moment, but above is what makes me really want to cry while watching the movie. No matter who you are as a person and what is your capabilities, its okay for people to hate (Easter don’t like Jack) and ignore (it was implied that Jack always wanted to see the inside of Santa lair, but was stopped and probably beaten by the yeti guard multiple times) you as long as you are not one of them.

And that pissed me off to no end. As for the head ache, maybe it was something that wrong in the way it was projected then.

Anyway, that was saddened me most. Here is a person that died saving his younger sister, the moon didn’t care (until the universe need his/Jack help, that is), the guardians didn’t care (even though they know that Jack exist). To me personally that was more close at heart than “kid not believing in you”.

its okay for kids not knowing about jack frost because jack is not popular (i live in a snow-less country though) but for the moon and other guardians to leave him lonely in the cold (pun, ha ha!) for 300 years? That is just sad. And that is what really almost put me to tears. Here is a guy more awesome than them (except maybe sandman, since he deliver the final blow) and only care about him when they in danger and Jack is the only one that can save them.

For 300 years. Yikes.


I agree that Sandman is bad ass which is why Pitch was really only afraid of him. If you look at things, Jack really is one with ultimate power because even with no one believing in him, he was able to do a lot while the others were reduced to nothing when the kids stopped believing in them. As for breaking it his staff, Pitch simply figured it couldn’t be repaired.

Pitch had to kill Sandman for the reason mentioned above. He didn’t really care about the others because they were nothing when no one believed in them. North could barely stand, Tooth couldn’t fly, and the Easter Bunny was the size of a regular rabbit. In regards to the fun thing, it was shown throughout the movie that having fun was really the only thing that Jack cared about. During the flashback, it was shown that while he was all about having fun, he knew when to step up while using it to help the situation.

The reason Jack was ignored wasn’t necessarily because he wasn’t a guardian but probably more because he did things differently and stuck to himself. Easter hated him because he messed things up such as the snow day that Jack created on Easter. North seemed to not even know that Jack wanted to see the workshop indicating that he never asked to see it and instead tried to sneak in. The Moon didn’t really talk to anyone either way so I don’t think that part matters.


if i remember correctly (due to head ache above) the weak-if-people-forget rules only apply when you are appointed as a guardian. if you are not a guardian, it doesn’t affect you at all. the trade off is that kid cannot see you at all (which was shown in the Jamie scene, he cannot see Jack but can see the rest of the team).

I understand about the fun thing, but fun with his sister was too short. it started with the ice lake already cracked. a one minute scene of playing around with his sister would be much better. the thing is that once he saw his memory, both of them was already in trouble, and he saves his younger sister while acting as playing - but it was too simple (holding the stick) as if to represent his stick.

i think the moment the moon shows ‘jack’, only then North and his gang take the sledge to meet Jack and bring him to the North. So that is what pissed me off. They knew the existence of Jack, and where to find him, and only CARES when Man on the Moon says that Jack is the solution.

For 300 years. And the problem is that Jack have been complaining about his loneliness for 300 years, and his use, and all the guardian let him be alone. I think the film maker wanted to frame Jack as alone, left out (by kids of course) but the unintended consequence is that the guardian was seen as never cared about Jack, until they need him.

I think TVTropes have a word for this, but I forgot what. It’s like Red Dawn. They hired Koreans to play Chinese (since chinese actors doesn’t want to make their country look bad). But after it was digitally altered to be North Koreans, it is ironic since the actors was Korean.

The wanted to show Jack was really alone, to a point I wonder, why no guardians ever care?

Oh well…


I felt the story was a little too jumpy - it transitioned between very different moods, scenes, and focuses way too quickly in the first two acts. It felt like they didn’t really know where the story was going in the beginning.

Also (spoiler), the teeth thing didn’t really make sense. It’s kind of nitpicky - but how would Jack’s baby teeth hold the memory of his death?

Visually I thought it was gorgeous, both in art and in execution (technical CG). The different warrens of the guardians were all well developed and interesting.



The tooth actually holds a childhood memory of the kids. So the tooth fairy is the keeper if childhood memories. Kids who didn’t trade tooth will just forgets (or no longer cares) about their childhood once they turned adults. That was the idea. But of course, how come it contains about the Jack memory all the way to his death, is another thing. But it can be handwaved as the tooth being a part of Jack body, and tooth fairies just able to extract their childhood memories through it. I guess. so even if jack traded the teeth way before his death, it still part of your body (like psychic want an object close to a person or something) and still able to view his death scene.

but yeah, it was too jumpy. but since the movie does talk about loneliness, how the guardian treated him seriously need to be fixed.


Yeah my nitpick was how it contains the memory all the way to his death. It could be handwaved away, but my interpretation was that memories go into the tooth once they occur, not that the teeth contain a magical link to the person which continually “backs up” the memories, and he didn’t lose any teeth after his death.


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