Riptide plugin - Pricing determined... (!)


…and the price will be: FREE!

In support of my efforts and the community at large, Maxon has made it possible for me to provide this new plugin free of charge (yay! :)).

I still have a little work to do to wrap things up, but it should be available “Real Soon Now” (I’ll report back here when/where to get it when it’s ready, in case you want to bookmark this thread).

For information about what this new plugin is, click on this link.


  • Keith
    Red-i Productions


That’s awesome! Way to go Keith and Maxon! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


this is great news. Thanx for your work and effort

cheers mnu


Great Keith!!


I hope I can learn C.O.F.F.E.E. and C4D well enough to do this someday. I know C++ some but how to integrate it with C4D is another matter!

BTW, I have never seen anywhere what C.O.F.F.E.E. stands for - I think it is an acronym but what is it? - Or does it stand for German words?



So if Maxon is involved–they’ve got Macs and Codewarrior, right? :slight_smile:


I am impressed and really look forward to getting my grubbies on it! Thanks bigtime!


Thanks Keith!

Looks like this will be great.


Their involvment is a bit less tangible than that at this point ;). For the time-being, I just want to concentrate on finishing up the PC version.


Excellent news! Now I know for sure that I’ll be able to get my hands on it.
Jolly good show, Keith and Maxon :thumbsup:


this sounds great!!!
thanks maxon also:-)



hmm, there has got to be someone out there that owns a mac and codewarrior and all that ya know? unless you don’t wanna share your code… I mean it is yours after all.

All I need is another 3d APP 'sides 4D lol


As the title says, it’s now available for download on my website: Spanki’s Prop Shop

Have fun!

  • Keith


Thanks, and thanks also to Maxon.


Sorry folks, the frst version had a bug when trying to import meshes with n-gons. If you downloaded the earlier version, please go to the same place and download the r01a version.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

  • Keith
    Red-i Productions


Ah, got it! Will testdrive it this weekend - thanks again for your efforts and for making it free too :thumbsup:


Import n-gons?

Just downloaded the 1a and will install it asap.


Just to clarify ;)… when my plugin runs into more than 5 sides/vertices, it creates one quad out of the 1st 4 vertices and a triangle for each additional vertex it finds (triangulates it). The bug was in the code that was trying to triangulate.



just gotta say thank you very much for this plugin…very much appreciated…downloading as we speak.

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



I’ll just sit here with my mac and box of tissues…



and a bag of pretzels…

No seriously, I hope there will be a mac-version too.