RIP Aqua teen Hunger Force


Everything in my life was going so well until last night. I was watching Adult Swim and they advertised for the last episode ever for Aqua Teen Hunger Force on August 15th. Damn it! Why must crap like Yes, Dear and Everyone Loves Raymond stay on the air but shows like ATHF and Family Guy get the axe. Its not fare!!


Family Guy should have gotten the axe, but ATHF had so much to live for. I’m saddened by the news.


That truly sucks @ss. ATHF has been my favorite show for quite a while. I thought the ratings were doing well enough to keep it on the air…


Sweeet!!! Thank god that is going off the air! God I hated that show.

And this isn’t a flame bait. I honestly think that is one of the worst animated shows ever, right next to yug yo or however that’s spelled.


I heard that they are making more Family Guy for adult swim. ATHF had it’s run but I think the idea was running a little thin (to put it lightly). I don’t know why Carl makes me laugh so much though, I really can’t understand what is funny about it.


They should do a spin-off of ATHF and give the Mooninites there own show. They are hilarious.


I can’t stand when people make comments about hating the adult swim shows because of their animations. You’re missing the point. Obviously it’s animated terribly that adds to the humor of the show. It’s sad to see the show go it became my favorite after Sealab started going down the tube.


Never heard of ATHF, as we don’t get it over here, but why do you think Family Guy should have been axed? It’s the funniest thing on tv. I think you’re the first person I’ve heard of who doesn’t like it.


saw the same ad last night. sad. i never use to watch it in the begining, but i’ve been watching more and more. at least they make DVDs.

who knows, maybe they will come back. also, Adult Swim needs to be 4-5 hours long. no wait, Adult Swim needs its own channel. Buy some more cartoons, get some more made, and i would watch it 24/7.


also, Family Guy is making new shows, but they might be shown on FOX first, then Adult Swim. they are in productions, but not sure if they even know were they are going. also, a straight to DVD movie in the works and a audio CD.


Ive only seen athf once. But i dont get why family guy got the axe. I mean not only is or was it hillarious but also popular.


I believe the people who think that the show is not funny, are probably a few fries short of a happy meal. The show has lots of smart humor that many people don’t get.


ATHF is the best…sorry to see it go. I will buy the DVD’s just like I did for the Family Guy.


They are just messing with the fans. This is just the last episode of this season. The next season starts August 15th. They did the same thing with Harvey Birdman last season.


Beaker please don’t be playing with my emotions like that. If its just a joke and they are doing a whole new season then they got me good. That would be sweet if it was all just a joke.


I’m not kidding around. ATHF is on the schedual to restart on August 15th. The creators are just messing with our heads like they always do.

Here is the Adult Swim schedual for August/September:

Sunday August 15th -

11:00/2:00 – Family Guy – #3ACX12: Family Guy Viewer Mail 1
11:30/2:30 - Harvey Birdman - #625-016: Grape Juiced
11:45/2:45 - Sealab 2021 - #2312: Chalkboard Jungle
12:00/3:00 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force - #2404: Mooninites 3: Remooned
12:00/3:00 - The Brak Show – #2209: Brakstreet
12:30/3:30 - The Venture Bros. - #1-02: Careers in Science
1:00/4:00 - Mission Hill - #3950-13: Plan 9 From Mission Hill
1:30/4:30 - Home Movies - #413: Focus Grill

Also read these two threads/posts:

From tvtome:
"Last Episode? We Think Not

Yes, we’ve seen the bumps from Adult Swim. Do we think they’re funny? YES! Do we think they’re real? Hell no. This is the same stuff they did before when the DVD’s were coming out. This is the same stuff they did when Harvey Birdman was reaching its last episode of the season. We’re not falling for it.

We the editors, as well as SEVERAL fan sites have schedules for Adult Swim, some going as far as the first week of October. All show the set of Aqua Teen shows we have listed, as well as blank spots for episodes that haven’t been made yet. On top of that, (small commentary here), how stupid do the people at Williams Street think the fans are? ATHF is their biggest money maker. To end it without a good reason would be ratings suicide. Plus, what are they going to replace it with? More reruns of Brak? Granted, they occasionally have an anarchist attitude toward their product, and love to mess with fans frequently by doing stuff like this. But really, is anyone with a computer and an IQ over 75 really buying this one?

To our knowledge, it’s not going away. And if by some reason it does go away, we’re sure it’s just the staff screwing with the fans, and they’ll bring it back eventually. But again, we say, To OUR KNOWLEDGE AND FACTS WE’VE BEEN GIVEN, THE SHOW WILL STILL BE ON THE AIR AFTER AUGUST 14TH."


Okay nevermind then folks, just a false alarm. ATHF lives. :thumbsup:


Boy are you wrong. I’ve got fries in places you’d never dream of!
I just don’t like Family Guy is all. I think they’re too heavy handed with their “smart humor”, but I don’t think less of anybody for enjoying it.

Now Aqua Teen Hunger Force, that’s a show!!


Maybe they’re moving on…

I like to see people quit while they’re up and move on to other projects. I mean, would you rather have them run it into the ground?

I’m pretty sure they’re the people that are moving on to do Stoker and Hoop. I’ll be damned if I can find info on that at the moment though…



I know that you’re speaking english as I recognize the words.

But still, the things coming out of your mouth… THEY MAKE NO SENSE!!!


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