Rinoa Final Fantasy 8 Sexy!, Munch (3D)


Close up wireframe


Nice job man, definetly a work of 3D art. Looks like I better claim an FF model before someone else does it :smiley: but Im probably too late for that!



What blueprints did you use?



w00000t, thanks for the wires, you can make yer files up to 30kb,… tex…ture… pleas.e… ugh//

Originally posted by Big D
Nice job man, definetly a work of 3D art. Looks like I better claim an FF model before someone else does it :smiley: but Im probably too late for that!

i told ya man, hands of zidane, and im doing a black mage now… goin to do an oglop… maybe some monsters… u better watch out man… serioulsy… somthing real bad might happen…


Have you triangulated the mesh, before counting the polygons?
Nice looking one tough!:cool:


A-MA-Zing !:thumbsup:
Already wanted to post at cgchat: she is fantastic! You really managed to capture the essence of FF characters …mesh and textures are great …really nothing else to say just :drool:
THe only tiny thing perhaps :the color sheme is just a wee bit too blueish … still amazing !


Pretty sweet.

great work!:drool:


as i told ya… i still love her!!
have you made any animations ???


Very nice, it looks absolutly fantastic.


absolutely great!!!
i’ve fallen in love :drool:


thats excellent. this should be plugged i feel. nothing from game design makes it to front except once in a while. :frowning:




Thank you very much for the compliments, I’m trying to get some webspace set-up, so I can share some high-resolution Images. Should be later today, I will share the Texture maps too.


*bump! this deserves front page recognition

could we please see how you laid out your textures as well?


Man o man o man… simply amazing…

Yeah, this probably isn’t on the front page yet b/c the “wip/gallery” fiends get the viewing first. :slight_smile: I really like it a lot. So it looks like you used alphas on the hair too? When you said you used 2 512’s was that 1 for the head, 1 for the body, or are you counting your alpha as a map? (or did you use alphas and put the alphas in the map?)

Can we get a closeup of the face, i wanna see how you did the eyes and nose.

Ok, that was enough demands, but you got me really intrigued!


Munch if you need some space to put your stuff to preview here, hit me up by email or ICQ, and i can help you out with that.


thanks for the comments, also illOgic thank for the webspace offer, I think I got it together now.

Texture maps, she is not unwrapped correctly, I had a short amount of time to complete the model, so the texture is kinda of a hack.

hmmm, I not sure if the image is appearing inside the post…


This should be on the main page preview… Lovely model, man!!!


very very well done. the maps do not look as clean as most, but they turned out on the model exceptionally well. indeed a canidiate for a front page mention. the work is great.


Hello Munch!

I always wanted to know, how people make prfectly rectangle uwraps of body parts. This way the pixels will be too distorted, no?

And even if I do a spherical mapping the seams won’t be straight, thus not making a rectangle.

Can you post the wire of the unwrapped mesh?