Rino Ishak Zvizdic - sketchbook


here i’ll post sketches



i’ll have to redo the detail because i forgot to retopologize the mesh also some parts are blobby and i really don’t like it. but here’s a pic anyway


working on it


I will have nightmares but your stuff is rad!


haha thank you very much! :slight_smile:


got to do the teeth and then i can texture it


small test render of the eyes. i’m very new to arnold so i’m figuring that shit out.


i slapped on a very basic diffuse to see how it would look. he’s crosseyed a bit, so gonna have to fix that.


so overall highpoly and detail is done. now gonna start texturing.


work in progress


i don’t have the tools to make the hair as pretty, but zbrush’s fibermesh works decently. WIP