Ringmaster sketch


Hi…this is just a sketch. I would appreciate any crits on anatomy or anything else:D The background is still to come:wip:


Hi sheep, how are you? :wavey:

Crit? Put his ear a little lower and the line of his jaw (under the ear) a bit foreward. Face is okay, hand is perfect, although a little bit small.

Are you gonna color this?
Cheers jeroentje


Curious character, that smile is charm and amiable :smiley:
reminds me that personage of that @#!&%ble movie “Gangs of New York”

I think the neck is too long, the cloth lapel should get higher, i mean, the head should be lower. The cane is bend, and the top hat would look better taller, more exaggerated.

I like the three eyed horse head, like that fish from The Simpsons.


Thanx for the replies!:smiley:

Jeroentje: Hi! I’m well…yourself? Thanks for the crits-very helpful. I will get around to coloring it, I’m going to try to work on a background first though:beer:

Pancreas-lol…I take it you didn’t like “gangs of new york”:smiley: Actually, I was trying to make the character look sinister…which I don’t think is happening at the moment. Thanks for the crits-also really helpful. The three eyed creature is supposed to be a pig…guess I need to work on that more.:wip:


I updated the original sketch, so hopefully most of the problems have been corrected…though any additional c&c is welcome:wip:


Looking good wildsheepchase :thumbsup:

I think the neck still looks long. Bring the shoulders up more (like half the width of his hand) and it’ll be ok. I’d also work that expression a bit more. He doesn’t look sinister at all to me. He looks more like he’s in the middle of a nervous laugh. The upturn on the eyebrows in the center is probably contributing to this.

The top of his cane does look like a horse. It’s the nose that’s wrong … reference image.

Finally, I think putting the other hand on the cane also might seem more sinister. Like he’s getting ready to hit you with it. :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing this in color. :wip:


Thanks Kirt! Yeah, I’m having a hard time with the expression on this one…he looks kind like the wimpiest guy on the planet, instead of mysterious and sinister like I had intended:shrug: :smiley:
Thanks for the pig ref…that should help:beer:


I like it a lot! Here are some suggestions:

  1. Tilt the head or somehow break the pose. Nothing says normal guy like a totally erect head/spinal column.
  2. Exaggerated big eye/sleepy eye. I would lift his left eyebrow up (arching it) and tilt the head a little to flow with the motion of the eyebrow. Shrink the other eye down to a real tight squint.
  3. Maybe shift things over a bit so that he’s more central in the composition?
  4. I can’t explain this suggestion, but I think you should put his right hand/arm in the picture holding a snuff box.

Lay down the boogie!


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