Ring Of Many Connections, Rivendale (3D), (3D)


Title: Ring Of Many Connections, Rivendale (3D)

Comments and crits are welcome.

  • Well, what can I say… that’s just wierd.
  • I do like the cobwebs and the fur a lot.
  • Those mushrooms are very nice too.
  • The tree doesn’t seem to fit as well as everything else does.
  • The metal seems like it is reflecting a little too much.


its Fantastic. :applause:


Wierd! But Nice.


Ed- yeah I noticed that about the tree, it was a bit bright I think, but I updated with a quick fix on it. Thanks.



It’s great!


very good!
the concept is very cool, and the technics too.]
i liked the fur…


rivendale i really enjoy your works. great.


wow, now that is jst crazy…

i love it and at the same time am deaply disturbed by it. :twisted:
awsome man…


Thats Wicked Surreal. The cobwebs look very nice.


Ooooo, an ouroboros! Well, sort of… Is the light in the middle supposed to symbolize something?


the drip of blood could be tweaked a bit, maybe make the middle a little thinner, but other than that, freakin’ awesome. VERY creative…


Thanks a lot for the kindness all!


[font=Comic Sans MS]Is the light in the middle supposed to symbolize something?
Narasima- Yeah, it’s the warm light coming from the inside, shielding from the cold light of reality…
nah, heh maybe not that deep but it is the warm contrast against the cold blue from the outside.
ouroboro…didn’t know of that concept, but I guess it is something like that.

I will be back tomorrow to post some wires and stuff if you’re interested, good night…


Thats awsome, great style!

nothing bad with it, just perfect.


thats cooL!!! what do you dream about at night?


Awsome man! i like the style!
fur and cobwebs look great


Thank you very much.
I have a few extra shots here so you can see a bit how it was done…


and a testrender for the machinepart, using a different environment than the final image:

cheers, CML


i have only one problem: that is really strange. but its a good problem. GJ


Nice. I like it. But… it’s not your original idea yah?
I have seen a picture like it (with other construction) called Ring of Imagination. Or did you make that too? I can’t remember the artist’s name.



i remember that one. i dont know if its the same guy, but i had the picture your talking about as my desktop background for a while. it too was just as strange.