Riku form Kingdom hearts


Hi I want to remake " Riku ", a character from Kingdom Hearts, the last square game.
I ll model it in low poly so then I 'll use it for unreal tounment too.

This is the original Riku pic:

hi Leprinoxyz


I start with the t-shirt


the jeans


here the left leg with the long foot


My character must be modelled using around 5000 polygons.
Now I don’t model with the best precision, but when I’ll finish the mesh I’ll optimize it.


uff !!! very difficult ! what a nuts to model the hands!!!


Ok the arms have the right polygons number to be animated


Nice work, I can’t wait to see it in Unreal:wavey:


The head in low poly


Now I try to model the hair. I must calculate that I 'll use a soft body on this hair, than I must use more polygons


:applause: YEHAAA KINGDOM HEARTS RULEZ:applause:
btw:your model too:thumbsup: wanna see more


I salute you on your modeling skills, its very clean, great work. I wish i could create clean meshes like that. you 0wn me!






the back view


I’ve made an unique texture 2048X2048


I ve textured all the body and the head and I ve collapsed all in an only editable mesh




with the unwrap uvw I ve textured the body.


here the final face, but I think that the hair is too short.

Now I set up the bones and rig the character to export in Unreal tournament