Rigs For Rent (5 x 1070).... Interested?


Hello Cgsociety members… I am a crypto miner. I have few rigs consisting of 5 x 1070s. I would like to rent them at fraction of what cloud renders charge. I want to know if people are interested in a service like this. I will provide you guys access to the rig. via TeamViewer. It will come with all the latest softwares and plugins required for your render. The charges will be minimal… you will get 3 hours of render time on the rig for only $5… The payment can be done via Paypal or any other major payment processor after the renders have been completed…

So let me know if the community will like a service like this… if you guys want a service like this then i can give out free render vouches :slight_smile: . Also please comment out the issues you see with this service… I would love to get your feedback… Cheers. :slight_smile:


Mining rigs usually lack a lot of specs needed for actual rendering.
For example my GPU render nodes each have 4 GPUs with 44PCI lanes CPUs around 12 cores and around 3.5-4.0GHz speed and on top of that 64 GB system RAM
On the other side mining rigs usually have cheapest possible CPU and less possible amount of ram as well. correct me if I’m wrong, can you share other details on your rig, not just GPUs?


That’s a bit like somebody walking into a barbecue smoke house and declaring themselves to be a vegan…


Hmm interesting… Do you have a benchmark project? My rigs run i5 2300 and 8 GB of ram each… I tried searching about this before posting this thread but didn’t find any sources which would mention cpu bottleneck with a gpu renderer… From what i have read. The gpu renderers arent effected by cpu’s that much… Only a benchmark project can verify this.


LOL… What if i am not a vegan and i like my veggies just as much as my meat? :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use the official Vray CPU & GPU benchmark or the OTOY Octane benchmark or the Furryball benchmark to do this.


Yo man… Thanks. I will surely do these soon. I will post the results here. You guys can then compare it with your rigs.


So i finally got some free time and decided to do a test on my 4 x Zotac gtx 1070s… Here are the results…

Vray Result: It took the cards 48 seconds to render the scene.

As for octanebench, The cards scored 412(Image attached). From what i have scene on the website these cards performed with around 95% efficiency.

As for vouches, I am willing to do 5 free renders. If anybody wants to render their project. Hit me up, I will be more than happy to help. :slight_smile: