rigidBody command changed in 6.5?



I have some problems with the easiest command… A script I made in 6.01 contain this line:
string $currentSolver = rigidBody -q -solver rigidBullet1; print($currentSolver);

That works fine fine fine in 6.01 (if you have a rigidBody with that name…) but in 6.5 i don’t get the output I’m supposed to get. =((( What i want is to query the rigidBody and set the name of it’s solver in a variable…

Can’t find anything in the doc that indicates a change… =(


The problem seems to be related to my scene and the command:
rigidBody -e -slv solverName RigidBodyName;

occourse I call it with other names in the script but still, it dosn’t work. Same scene in 6.01 works flawless.

So something in 6.5 have changed that makes my scene to not work with that command. Annoying as he**… =( If I make a new scene all those commands work…


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