Rigid bodies just wont stay still!


Hi guys,

I’m hoping there’s a quick solution to this one that i’m just missing… I’m trying to create a pool table that works on real dynamics, everything works fine except for two things when the cue ball hits the triangle:

  • The balls slide along the table instead of rolling. I’ve tried tweaking the friction, which works to an extent, but they still slide slightly.

  • When the balls start to slow, they jitter about and won’t stay still. I’ve tried changing geometry resolution, tesselation factor, etc…

Any tips/tutorials would be greatly appreciated…




A quick fix to the not staying still problem would be to bake their simulations, and then delete the keys that create the movement when you want it to be still.

You can also keyframe things like friction and other attributes to help you lock down the things you want to keep still.


Bamboozle, you don’t mention this, but in case you are not, for perfect spheres like pool balls you must take advantage of the Sphere stand-in and the Cube stand-in for your table. This is set in the Performance Attributes under the rigidBody attribute. With this, tesselation no longer matters, the simulation performance and stability will improve significantly.


Cheers guys,

Problem solved! There was some problem with the geometry i was using for the table, not sure why because it was only a trimmed nurbs plane, I just deleted that and made a new one and it worked fine…that’s Maya for you!

Thanks again,



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